Thursday, July 31, 2014

End of the school year and SUMMER 2014!

 A few more months have flown by and it's catch up time on the blog! It's as if Carter is yelling at me to update!!
Well, softball season was nearing an end towards my last post and there were only a few more games left. This is a funny, sweet, moment between Carter and David that I just had to capture. He was copying his every move. So precious!
 Softball, dance, softball, dance! This busy girl never stops. So fun to have her cousins dancing with her last year for dance. This was their end-of-the-year recital! So fun!

 Welp…Kylee's team did it! Champions! This is 2 years back to back for her finishing as a champion. Their team went 12-0! Undefeated! This was her first season playing in the minor league and it was a little scary at first to bat against a live girl pitcher. She got nervous so many times that she made her stomach hurt. But by the end of the season she was much braver and improved so much! So proud of her!
 These two!!! Best friends (at times worst enemies), but 99% of the time they are inseparable. So thankful they have each other. Swimming on a warm spring day! This pool has been a life saver this summer. Carter LOVES the water! He used to be afraid of the pool. But now, after getting used to this baby pool, he isn't afraid to go into big pools now. Yay!
 Future baller!
 We have dabbled here and there with potty training. Carter isn't quite ready, but Kylee has made it her mission at times to get him to go in his potty. Even sitting next to him and watching a show until he goes. It never happened sadly! But I love her persistence! 
 It's nice to have a great backyard to relax in during the "good weather" months. I caught a sweet moment of Carter and Daddy having a little chat. 
 Then they caught me!!! 
 More of this adorable duo!

 Another softball game! Some weeks Kylee would have 3 games! Carter became good friends with some of the other siblings of Kylee's team mates. He's so good. He plays and has fun at her games!
 A little trip to El Centro! Love my family!
 We try to go to El Centro once a month or once every two months and it has become tradition now to take Carter to a great barber over there (James). Our last few trips have involved Carter getting a hair cut! He hates it, but is getting more familiar with James and the routine of his clippers and scissors. Hopefully one day he won't freak out! 
 Another fun El Centro tradition…feeding the ducks at Grandma and Grandpa's pond. The white geese are MEAN! They will attack you until you feed them. Freaked me out!
 Their bond melts my heart!
 It was Mother's Day this weekend that we went. So thankful to have these two to call me Mom every day. I'm so beyond blessed!
 Our quick trip was over…but we would be back soon!
 Montez annual Mother's Day lunch at Olive Garden! I look forward to it every year. 

 This boy….always ready for a photo op!

 Enjoying the last days of nice weather. Took advantage and ate our lunch outside this day. Love my one-on-one time with this sweet boy while Sissy is in school. 
 I do personal training for girls from time to time (volleyball of course), and the kids often come with me. Kylee took an opportunity to teach Carter all that she has learned! So cute! 

 Swim and pizza party with the Walkers!
 12 years!! Can't believe it. We celebrated our anniversary by going to Ahso and Bahama Bucks. Love this man of mine! For eternity!!!

 Hilarious!! There have been a few pictures of Ryan Reynolds that people have said David looks like. But the one takes the cake! I couldn't believe it. I just had to have David pose like him and do a side-by-side. Oh man it was so funny! 
 These two playing after church one day. They melt me!

 Oh this boy and his amazing personality! This shot was hilarious! So glad I caught it!
 At the end of the year, each teacher gives out awards to 2 of their students that stood out the most the entire year. Kylee was given the "Citizen of the Year" award! We couldn't be more proud of our sweet girl. 

 Fun day at the Chandler Mall with the Millers! 

 Still working for Shelleybeeoriginals and now she is making amazing dresses! Kylee gets to be the model for a lot of her new products. She loves it and so do I! 
 LAST DAY OF 3RD GRADE!! We absolutely loved her teacher, Mrs. Valentine! We love Franklin and the entire staff and fun friends that go there. It's been so fun and we are excited to continue schooling there for Kylee and eventually Carter!

 We did a fun photo shoot for David for Fathers Day. It was supposed to be a photo shoot for Carter because I wanted to take pictures of him in his new blazer, but I decided to have Kylee in them too and surprise David. It was a fun little photo shoot! 

 Fun movie day with the family! Dad and Carter saw Rio 2, and Kylee and Mom saw Malificent! 

 More summer fun…Kylee's dance camp! She loves her dance company and this year her cousin Navy is joining her! She is so excited! This was whacky hair day/crazy sock day at camp! 
 Summer means something fun for me too…high school volleyball pre-season! I love these girls! We have so much talent this year. We can hardly wait for season to officially start!
 Not to mention how much I LOVE the girls I coach with! It's going to be an amazing season for so many different reasons. 
Staying busy and having fun in the hot summer. Stuck inside isn't so bad sometimes! Fashion shows, sock sliding, fort building, baking, and so much more! Love cousin time!
 Carter is so mild mannered and CLEAN…so when I found him like this one day, I couldn't believe it! First time he had made a "mess" of anything really. All I could do was laugh! And take a picture of course. 

 Trek 2014!! We were honored to go this time as a part of the activities committee. It was so fun, yet stressful, to be part of the planning committee. There is SO much work that goes into planning and organizing a trek. I love the trek so much! This was my 3rd one, and David and my 2nd together. The church is true and I love our pioneers!! 

 Silly Carter boy wearing Daddy's glasses! So handsome!
 I hate watermelon! But I bit the bullet one day and bought one for the kids. It was like Christmas! Although I think they might take after me. It was good the second I cut it for them, but they didn't really touch it again after that. Interesting!
 Poor David! We have had a gopher pop up and make holes around our yard since we moved in last year. But it finally got to his grass!!! His precious precious grass! This made me laugh…he was out there with a shovel and the hose ready to drown it out and smash it. Hahaha! It doesn't work like that David! 
 My handsome boys ready for church one day. Oh how I adore them both! 
 And then there's these crazies! They bring out the best in one another! 
 And then they tire each other out! Haha
 This silly boy loves hats and beanies! He will wear a beanie in 115 degree weather! Such a stud!

 Oh man…this wasn't fun. During our summer vball camp at the high school, I was playing because one team needed a setter. Well, I ended up colliding with a girl and sprained my neck! No bueno! It wasn't as bad as the doctors thought because the next morning, I was feeling pretty good. Stiff and sore, but not nearly as bad as I was planning on. Thank goodness! 
 Kylee got to attend one day of our kids camp at the high school. It brings me so much joy to see her learning and growing…and loving the sport that I love! 
 And then we were off to Utah!! Gorgeous weather and gorgeous scenery! We were able to stay at Uncle Brett's house and just have an amazing week with friends and family. 

 ASU kids camp! Kylee learned so much and improved so much from this camp. She is finally getting the hang of her footwork and technique. Day 1!
 And Carter started sleeping in a big boy bed! Well, we took down one side of his crib and it turned into a toddler day bed. However, he always ends up sleeping on the floor or on his giant teddy bear. But, he is out of his crib and taking that next step!! 
 Summer pedicure! 
 Day 3 of the Sun Devil camp. Carter of course wearing his beanie! Ha! Cute boy!
 And HATING Sparky! He can be scary so I don't blame Carter on this one. 
 Kylee, however, loved him! 
 Red popsicle disaster! 
 My absolute favorite part of summer in AZ…MONSOONS!!! It's amazing how fast a monsoon can come in and drop temperatures 20 degrees. The rain came hard with this one. Lots of puddle playing and rain dancing! 

 Another trip to El Centro…on David's birthday! My "old" man turned 35 this month. Just crazy! I love growing old with him! 
 Celebrating in El Centro! 

 Best buds!
 We snuck in a quick day trip to the beach too. So much fun! Carter hated the water of course. Kylee loved it! 

While in El Centro, we face timed Sydney as she opened her mission call to Tegucigalpa Honduras. We are so proud of her decision to serve and know she will be absolutely amazing!! 
 Carter posing before church! Silly boy!

 Supporting Uncle Lee as he got called into the bishopric in his ward…while wearing our amazing shelleybeeoriginals dresses! 
 HABOOB!!! Took this from the upstairs window of our house. Amazing! 
 Natalie's baby "sprinkle" that her friends put on for her. We are so excited for this little baby girl to join our family! 
 Downside to Haboobs….tree's falling on our cars! Luckily no damage was done. 
 Last sleep over of the summer with Kyrstin before school started. Carter was excited too! 
 These two are always acting out scenes from movies. This is probably one of my favorites. Haha! 
 My sweet little buddy!! 
 1st day of 4th grade at Benjamin Franklin! She is so excited. She has a super nice teacher, her cousin Cole in her class, along with a lot of other friends she knows in her class from church and her class last year. She is growing so fast and we love seeing her experience each stage of life.