Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

May has come and gone and with that, our new adventure began as a family of four back home in Queen Creek! We were so excited to move back home to our house and to the area we have been familiar with for the past 8 years. It's so wonderful to be back, but we do miss our family and new friends back in Peoria/Glendale.
As time got closer for us to leave, Grandma and Papa soaked up all the time that they could with Carter and Kylee. It was so great to be able to let them bond together over the past year. We miss them!
 Kylee's last day of school and the gift she made for her teacher. We LOVED Mrs. Behles! She was the best teacher! Kylee has been blessed with wonderful teachers for Kindergarten and 1st grade thus far. Hope that "good teacher" streak continues at her new school, Legacy!
 We moved back home to our house on Thursday May 24th. Kylee got out of school and we drove out! We had been slowly moving stuff back throughout the month of May. Such a great feeling to be back in our house! We immediately started painting and redecorating! Below is Kylee's new color!
 We turned, what used to be our computer room, into Carter's room. Painted his room a dark gray, painted his crib white, and am still in the process of finishing the rest of his room. It's looking great!
 Now that we are back, Carter is having so much fun getting to know his Queen Creek cousins better. They can't get enough of him!
 Back to my old routines of working out with my Queen Creek friends. We go to the local High School and run around the track at nights. It's great! Kylee loves having her "boyfriend, Zavier" back! :)
 Just like last summer, we made our way back to the Mesquite pool! We love it there!!!

 Something amazing that happened in May was the Millers getting sealed together as an eternal family. It was so special to be able to witness it. I love them so much!!! Such a special family!
 We also got to have Dylan and Kyrstin for 5 days while Natalie and Deron went on their stake trek. We had so much fun!!!
 Kylee's friend Londyn turned 6 at the beginning of June and she was able to invite one friend, and her Mom, to Sunsplash! Kylee was so thrilled that she chose her! So was I! These two girlies had a blast!

 I can't believe my beautiful girl is almost 7. I love her more than words can say!
 She is becoming quite the hair stylist! She is currently trying to perfect her braid!
 Onto our sweet Carter boy......This month has been the biggest month for changes and growth with him. He has discovered so many new things. I love watching him learn and get so determined to do more! He is amazing....
He broke his first tooth on May 17th....mine and David's 10th anniversary! He picked a great day to have this happen on! So special!
 He had his first "swim", although he didn't technically swim because the doctor hadn't released him from his surgery yet. But he had fun splashing his legs in the pool!
 Daddy taught him how to drink out of a cup!
 Out of nowhere, he started standing all by himself! He has stood without any assistance for as long as 5 whole seconds. Just crazy to me! He started doing this at 7 months and 2 days old!
 He also took his very first big boy bath! He loves splashing around and making a mess.
 He is starting to pull himself up on any and everything! He started doing this before he was 7 months old. Seems young to me, but who knows! He is a super baby!
 He also discovered that he can hold his own bottle. I love it! Let's me do stuff while he is eating!
 First time sitting like a big boy in the grocery cart! He loves it!
 Loves to climb on everything. Learned that climbing underneath his toy saucer is much more fun than sitting in it!
 Here are some of his 6 month pictures that Aunt Nanny took! So handsome!!!

This was a random picture I took of him outside at the Higginson's house. Oh he is so dreamy!!!!
 Love my boy!!!
This has been a VERY busy month for us. David and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary!!! Can't believe how fast 10 years has gone by. Love him more and more every year. He is my best friend. We then moved back to Queen Creek! Being home is amazing and we love it!!! Carter is scooting everywhere, and he loves exploring his new house. Kylee is loving summer and swims almost everyday at cousin's houses, friends houses, or at local pools. Carter can't wait to join her in the pool! He had surgery on May 18th and had his "boy" parts taken care of! He did so well with recovery. So proud of him. But he has officially been cleared and we will be hitting the pool a lot more now! David is working with the gang detectives at work and is loving that. He has a great schedule and can now work off duty on the weekends, which brings in great money for our family. We LOVE our ward and being back with our friends. Life is great for us and we are loving our new adventure as a family of four back in Queen Creek!