Thursday, November 7, 2013

And now it's winter!

Wow...I let 4 months slip away from me, but I have an excuse! We moved, Kylee started school and got baptized, I started coaching volleyball at Queen Creek HS, and David's work schedule has been crazy! This pretty much sums up our last 4 months but here are some pictures to go with it all...
Sweet Carter baby...loved living at the Higginson's and playing with his cousins everyday. We miss them! 

 While living there we took advantage of having a working piano and I taught Kylee some basics. She loved it and it is now motivation for me to find a new piano so she can take lessons! 
 Checking himself out in the reflection of the fridge. 
 4th of July! This was Carter throughout the entire fireworks show. Love our shy, timid baby boy!
 And then he fell asleep! 
 During the summer we tried to keep busy. We frequented the library! 
 Playing with Tom Tom! A daily fun event for Carter!
 And then summer workouts began for the High School team. I LOVE coaching HS! It's been an amazing season so far!

 And of course my favorite season of the year..."monsoon" season!!! Captured an epic photo here! I love my iphone! Which brings me to something else new that happened over the summer....our family became an "apple" family! Both David and I have iPhones, Kylee got an iPad for her birthday, and we also got a macbook! We are a little obsessed!
 School clothes shopping! 3rd Grade is awesome! So are schools that don't have a uniform code! Kylee was so excited to wear CUTE clothes to school again!
 Another joy of living with the Higginson's over the summer....a pool!!!
 Carter discovered his love for bowties! He is so handsome in them!

 He takes his prayers seriously! 

 Swimming in the nude is the best! 
 Summer reading! Love this sweet girl!
 July 17th...Daddy celebrated his 34th birthday. That's A LOT of candles!! 
 Getting his brush on! Taking care of his pearly whites!
 Letting Emily play with our hair! 
 Kylee had her final post-op appointment with the neurologist. more signs of Guillain-Barre Syndrome in her perfect little body! She is a walking miracle! So thankful for the power of prayer and great doctors!
 This boy LOVES his teddy! Sweetest thing!
 Playdate with his adopted girlfriend Taylor! 
 We slipped in a quick weekend trip to California before school started. Always an adventure with our little family of four!
 Birch Aquarium!
 And of course the beach! Carter's first time experiencing the ocean. He wasn't exactly a fan!
 But he loved the sand!

 All dressed up for church at Grandma and Grandpa's! So handsome!
 Finished another season of city league. I can't stay away from this amazing sport!
 The kids and I took a trip to the temple to help watch Nytlee while Natalie had a photo shoot. Took this amazing picture in the visitor's center. It's one of my favorites now! 
 Fun dinner with my girls at Oregano's. I love them so much! 
 I love my beautiful niece Nytlee Ysabel!!!! 
 In July I started working for my friend Shelley. She makes skirts and all other kinds of fun things and she hired me to help cut fabric. I'm loving it and so are the kids! Ha! 
 Kylee turned 8 over the summer and she got a very special present!!! iPad mini!!! She was just a little excited about it! 
 She is such a good girl and the best sister...which is why we tend to spoil her with things she deserves! 
 In August David went to Georgia for 2 weeks for training. It was a very long 2 weeks and we missed him dearly! Thank goodness for facetime!
 The birthday girl herself!!! 8 is GREAT!
 Little combined birthday celebration at the Miller's. I love that Kylee and Kyrstin have birthdays back to back. They can always celebrate together and have this special bond because of it! 

 Kylee's baptism announcement. We are so proud of this sweet girl and all of her accomplishments so far in her short little life. She blesses our family beyond belief on a daily basis!!!
 First day of school at Franklin. This is hopefully the last school she will attend until High School. Carter had to walk her in to make sure she made it in ok! 

 Summer was over and it was just me and my little man again all day long! 
 Sissy showing off a cute Shelleybeeoriginals skirt! Working for Shelley definitely has many perks!
 Spirit day at Franklin! She is loving her new school! 
 Daddy came home finally!! He missed Kylee's birthday and her first day of school. But he made it home a day before Kylee's baptism so we are thankful for that! The kids we just a little excited to have him home!
 Kylee's baptism!

 QC Varsity! We are currently in round two of the state tournament. This could definitely be our year to win it all and we are so hopeful!!!
 Carter and Tom...bowtie buddies!
 Silly boy! 
 Clumsy boy!
 We don't like when Daddy gets called out...but we make the most of it by having fun together!
 Skirt family! 
 Sweet baby!!!

 Helping Mama clean! LOVING our new house!!!
 Fantasy sports galore! Football season has begun!
 Our giant backyard! In the process of making it our dream backyard for the kids!
 Yep...we have a boy in the family for sure!
 Date night!!! Amongst our crazy work schedules we still find time to have fun together!
 Date night with friends!!!! When we moved, we moved out of our ward unfortunately. We miss all our friends dearly but so thankful they still include us in date nights! 

 Showing off another bowtie!! So handsome!
 David got called out right before church on this specific Sunday and it was just me and the kids that day for church. This was kind of how that day went....but it made for a classic picture!!
 I don't get to see this angel very often so when I do, I soak all of her up!!! 
 I love coaching with these girls!!!!! We have way too much fun!
 Volleyball babies! 
 Found this little guy on our wall one night. Thank goodness our neighbors love critters. Yuck!
 Sweet photo I captured during one of our volleyball tournaments. 
 My collage wall! I love my house!
 My JV team!!! Love these girls and so sad our season is over. 
 Kylee...there are no words to describe this girl. She is just amazing!
 After..."faux hawk"

 Took another trip to El Centro. We try to go once a month because Grandpa Jiggs and Grandma need visitors!!! Feeding the ducks at the park!
 Mommy/Daughter dental appointments. Both had to get cavities filled. Boo!!! Numb faces!
 Back to the doctor we go for this poor girl. She is still having some minor stomach issues. We wanted to do all the food allergy testing we could just to make sure. So far so good. 
 My world!!!!!
 Another fun day at the library!
 Our backyard!!!! It's coming along!

 My shopping partner!
 We went to Schnepf Farms for their Fall Festival last month in October. It was super fun! 

 My tall and lean baby boy!
 Loving our sidewalk track!
 Beautiful girl's 3rd grade school picture! 
 Our neighbors runaway iguana. Ewwww!!! He found a comfy spot in our shed! 
 Always posing!
 Sleepover party with cousins!!!

 We accidentally left Teddy out at Aunt Natalie's house so we had to replace him or else this little man wouldn't have slept that night. It was good at first but when it came time to actually sleep, he wouldn't because he knew the difference. 
 Gluten free for a while to figure out her stomach problems. Gluten free pizza night! 
 Got original Teddy back and he was one super happy boy!!!
 Me and Erica rockin' our shelleybeeoriginals skirts!
 Napping at it's finest!

 Cutest bum around!
 Halloween!!!! Our little Indian Chief and cowgirl!
 Always sleeping at the holiday events!
 Kylee scored a new teddy since Carter didn't want it! Sleeping angels!
 Pumpkin carving party at the McLaws!

 My 2 year old be rockin' a 6 pack!
 This girl.....both David and I have been working a lot lately. I left the house a mess one day and forgot to have dinner planned. I went off to volleyball and David had the kids and came home to a mess. Kylee cleaned the entire house, ran the dishwasher, made dinner, and helped get Carter ready for bed. I don't know what I would do without her! 
 Last game of our regular season. Road trip to Prescott! All three teams won! 
 My first time back in the Higley gym since I coached there 6 years ago. It was very strange. But we won and solidified our spot in the state tournament with this win! 
 Loving on this baby...he wants a real baby! Uh oh!
 Pancreatic cancer walk/run with the Pew's! This is our second time doing this and it's a blast! 
 Someone turned two!!! Today actually! I'm posting this all on his birthday today. Can't believe he is two!!!!
 Loved his birthday cookie cake!

So much has happened in these last 4 months. Life is so busy....but so amazing! We make sure to slow down when we need to and make memories with our babies and soak up their youth while we can because it's not going to last long. It's already speeding by way too fast. We look forward to Thanksgiving with family in California and then Christmas here at home with more family. Life is amazing and we can't believe how lucky we are to be given this amazing family! We are so blessed!