Sunday, June 30, 2013

Summer is here and it's HOT!

 118 degrees! Yep...summer in AZ is definitely here! It's been super hot this week. It's June 30th and the summer is just beginning. But, I love this state and will always live here despite the oven-like temperatures! 
Quite a bit has been going on since my last post. The pictures are random and spread out so I'll just have to caption each picture. 
Carter baby! I was laying in bed on this particular afternoon reading with Kylee and this little stinker found us and quickly turned reading time into wrestling-on-the-bed time! Oh how I love my little adventurous boy!
This was Kylee and I reading BEFORE Carter found us!
We have been at the pool a lot this summer already. The Mesquite/Basha pool is our favorite place to be! Carter is slowly learning to enjoy the water. 
 Kylee's softball season ended in May. They ended up winning the entire thing! Champions for 7/8 year old machine pitch division. So proud of her and her talented team! 
 Carter loved going to Kylee's softball games. He always found a way to keep himself entertained!
 Daddy has turned this boy into a soda-drinking fanatic! 
 Softball banquet! Her coaches were amazing. Super supportive and there for Kylee when she was going through her struggles with Guillain-Barre. She learned so much from them this season! We hope to get them again next season!
 Poor Carter! Fell victim to Kylee's "dress-up games" again! He doesn't seem to mind so much! 
 Daddy saw the picture above and wasn't very happy. So I had to do some damage control. Here he is being "all-boy" once again! He even has his mean-muggin' face down!
 I had to speak in church last month and David just happened to get called out for work during the night. So I had to hand my kiddos off to Stephanie Rhees while I spoke! So thankful to have amazing friends in my amazing ward!
 Coaching once again! I'm so excited for this upcoming school season. I'm back at Queen Creek and our summer season is in full swing! This is me with some of our girls during our summer league. They are kicking butt already! 
 Another summer favorite....going to the library. We love the AJ library! 
 Another pool day at the Basha pool!
 I love capturing moments like this that show just how much they truly love each other!
 Me and my crazy boy making silly faces in the mirror while Sissy is in the stall behind us! Haha!
 It's hard to see but in this picture you can see a tear rolling down Carter's face. He was so sad when he saw me painting Kylee's nails and not his. I felt bad so I painted one of his nails a clear color. Daddy wasn't very happy with this either! 
 They love when Dad gets off work early and brings surprises! 
 Haha! Had some fun trying this out just once! It's going to be a while before this is for real!
 Date night!!! We didn't know Heidi and Matt were coming but when we saw them walk in, we were so excited. We were at the William Joseph concert in Scottsdale. We ended up making it a long fun night and went out for appetizers after. I love my friends! And now Heidi and Matt are engaged!!! They weren't engaged in this picture, but they got engaged about 2 weeks after. So happy for them!
 And....the house is old!! For real! We have already moved out and put our stuff in storage. We are currently living with David's sister. We will hopefully be in a new house before the summer is over. I didn't realize how stressful home-buying is. Thought we'd be in a house immediately after selling ours. Apparently not! Thankful for family who are so willing to let us shack up with them! 
 Having some fun with the fro! 
 Kylee had dance camp in June. She loved it and did so well! The Millers, and BABY NYTLEE, came to visit that day and ended up coming to the concert at the end of her camp. So glad they came! 
 Moving day...empty house! 
 Beautiful Kylee rockin' her top knot for church!
 Handome Carter rockin' his lashes! 
 The summer is turning my baby into a brown bear! Her and Carter are pretty much the same color now! 
 Another day at the Basha pool...only it got cut short because a baby ended up pooping in the kiddie pool. So we left and got shakes at Sonic! Yum yum!
 Summers are best spent wearing a swim suit all day long! (and playing Mario Cart on the Wii)
 Carter joined David and I on a date night recently. He always provides the best entertainment!
 I love my little Sunbeam class! They make my Sundays energetic and pure! 
 QC 2013 volleyball camp! 25 hours of instruction....I was exhausted by the end of it! Love coaching with these girls!
 Girls Night Out! Kabuki sushi is the best with these girls. Oh how I love them! 
 Dropped the kids off with Grandma in California while I went off to Girls Camp and while David was on call working all week. It was the best "vacation" ever for them! 
 Carter (doing what he does best) and Grandpa! Best friends!
 So pretty and ready for church with Grandma and Grandpa!
 They really have the most precious bond ever. He makes Grandpa so happy!
 Girls Camp 2013 at Camp LoMia! So thankful to be able to share in this experience with my friends! 
 ...and with my sweet beautiful nieces and sister-in-laws!
 While in El Centro, Grandma took Carter to a barber shop and he got a legit hair cut! 
He wasn't too sure about it though!

Out of order, but me and my amazing sister-in-laws at Girls Camp!

 I was so happy to have my babies back home with me after a long week at Girl's Camp. This is what life is all about. They are my world! 

Hopefully we will be in a new house soon and the next time I update, it will be from our new house! Summer 2013 is a blast so far and can't wait to see what the next few months hold for our family. Life is awesome!