Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Cleaning while listening to the Frozen soundtrack! All the sickies from the holidays are gone (knock on wood) so it's time to sterilize this house and get back to life!
 If you guys only knew the bribery it took for me to get a picture of these two this morning. Let's just say…3 fruit snack packs later and this is all I got. (Sunday best)
 Kylee's first time playing organized volleyball on a team! This has been my dream since I knew she was a girl in my womb. Yes…I have tears in my eyes! 

 Oh this boy! He walks down the stairs, stops midway, turns around, bends over (sticking his bum at me), and says…"ewe poopy"! He is ready to potty train but I am not! 
 Cute new outfit from H&M (of course). Just sad that she got dress coded this day. It's a shame they don't let the girls wear leggings! She has so many cute ones! 
 Chillin' in his beanie. He is flawless!
 Such a crazy boy! He loves to wear my sunglasses! 
 Kylee's first dance competition of the 2013-14 season. Kylee has a solo part in this dance. She has improved so much since last year!
 I'm still trying to get used to the makeup and poof hair! Give me braids and headbands and a volleyball and I'm in my comfort zone. But I'm loving my multi-talented girl! 

 So glad my Grandma and Papa could come! They are so supportive of their grandkids!
 Still a little lover boy with his teddies! 
 Got a dresser from my friend Jenny and painted it! Feels good to be doing projects again since moving into our new house. 
 73 degrees in January calls for a park day! Gorgeous weather! And our neighborhood has the best parks!
 The look he gave me after he dumped an entire bag of trail mix on the floor of my car! Such a smoozer! Can't ever get mad at his beautiful face!
 Kylee and her dance team ready to perform at a Suns pre game show! 

 Carter showing us his basketball moves!

 The boys first NBA game! Scarfing down the popcorn!
 Kylee has made some great friends at dance. So glad she enjoys what she does!
Grandma and Papa supporting Kylee at the game! Carter loved having them there too!
 My heart is bursting! My baby girl with a volleyball! Nothing better! 
 Vogue! Another Sunday picture. This time so serious without smiles. Loved the way it turned out still!
 Happy birthday to me!! All I wanted was for my yard to be done. David delivered with the help of all our amazing neighbors and friends. I am in love!!
A boy, his hat, and his plastic animals! Who could ask for more? 

 David took me to a nice dinner on my birthday at The Elephant Bar and then to my first experience with a waffle truck. Oh yummy!!! 
 The new Gilbert Temple is open!! We got to take our family on a tour before it was dedicated. So thankful for my forever family and that they got to see the temple with us! 

 Such a silly goof! I love all his faces he makes!
 FHE date night at the batting cages! Love my athletic active family! 
 David scored sweet seats at the Suns vs. Miami game! I was lucky enough to have him choose me to go with him over all his jealous envious friends! It was so fun! 
 Waiting patiently for Sissy to walk out of those school doors! 
 Valentines Day hair!! I saw this tutorial on youtube and just had to try it. I think it turned out pretty darn good! Sometimes I impress even myself!
 Little stylish man! Feeding an apple to his horsey!
 Have I mentioned how much I LOVE our new house? The layout, the new everything inside, the huge yard, and now the amazing sunset view we have right from our backyard! Nothing to block it! The mountain scenery and beautiful sky is breathtaking! So blessed!
 We decided that the weekend wasn't long enough so we kept Kylee home from school on a Monday (David's day off) and had a family day. Saw the Lego movie and went to pizza for lunch! 
 I wanted more training time with my girl so we got a volleyball net for the backyard. It's been so fun working with her!

 Love hosting playdates in our fun backyard! These boys are too cool for school! 
She is so my child! Back and forth from the fridge to the pantry (both just stocked with groceries), yet she can't find anything to eat! 

 I love this silly girl of mine!
 This is the life! Getting a personal foot massage from my babies! (child labor at it's finest)
 Tender moments that make my heart burst out of my chest!
 Checkers for days! Helping Momma get some toner in style!
 Hmmmm….what should I make for dinner? Carter looks pretty yummy! 
 Softball started back up and it just happened to run into her volleyball schedule for about a month. At the batting cages wearing knee pads and spandex! She was getting a lot of questions from her teammates. 
 Athletic, beautiful, super sweet, and SMART! In March Kylee got Student of the Month at her school. So proud of all her accomplishments! Carter was right by her side supporting her! 
 Student of the month got a special breakfast the next morning! Lemon bars!! They were supposed to be her special treat the night before but they didn't set up in time before bedtime. So…breakfast they were! 
Wearing my shades all the time so I decided the boy needed his own pair! Ready for the summer!
 Now we can both wear our own sunglasses together! 
 Went to watch and support Kyrstin at one of her club tournaments. Can't wait for Kylee to play club ball this year! Of course playing with baby girl Nytlee while we were there!
 Wearing our Shelleybeeoriginals skirts for church! We both have so many now and love them!! 

 Navy came to watch Kylee at one of her volleyball games! These two are so crazy and fun together! Cousins are the best! 
 SPRING BREAK 2014! It has become tradition for us to get our nails done together during Spring Break. Matching!! 
 Spent a couple days at Grandma and Papa Montez's house over Spring Break! Always a good time there!
 Lunch with my sisters and Mom at Olive Garden. These two crazies were having their own fun! 
 Playing hard means crashing hard! Even if it means falling asleep while chewing on a lions tail!
 Loving our new grass! Playing on it in some amazing weather! 
 Found some great pieces of furniture at a garage sale and painted them. It's becoming a favorite hobby of mine. Love good finds and making them mine!
 Dinner with some of my girls! California Pizza Kitchen! Love these girls with all my heart!
 Carter blocking my kisses while we wait for Kylee to get her softball pictures done! Little stinker!
 Carter and Holly! He sure is smitten by her! He loves his Holly! 
 Love that Carter is so good that he can play while I get work done at home. He is the best! 
 Playdoh loving boy! 
 Zoo day with Erica and Lucas! These boys had a blast!

 They are meant for each other!!! 
 At the doctor's office. Allergy season has hit hard and all of us have a little form of them now. No fun!
 Pondering on the drive to her softball game. This year has been rough for our little athlete. Last year she was a hitting machine! This year, now that she is hitting off an actual pitcher and not a machine, she is struggling. Fear and anxiety get the best of her every time. But with practice at home and gaining more and more confidence every practice and game, we know she will overcome this! She makes us so proud! 
 Getting a little advice from Dad in the dugout! 
 All of us girls together at Jodi's baby shower! I truly do love all these girls so so much! 

 Carter serenading me in the car! 
 Fresh out of the bath and this boy throws on a pair of Kylee's high heels and yells down to Daddy…."Daddy look" - as he shows Daddy his shoes! He needs a brother! 
 I started boot camp again! Loving it, but don't love the 4:30am wake up calls! Working out in the sand is brutal but I'm love how I feel after each workout. 
 Playing (or pulling) my hair as we watch a boys volleyball game at QC! 
 Go Sun Devils!!
 Another win for the Sun Devils! 7-0! Celebrating by picking up some Chick-fil-a for dinner! 
 Miss Sassy pants! 
 AIMS testing week. Very stressful this year because 3rd graders now have to pass the test in order to move on to the 4th grade. Kylee is so smart so I wasn't too worried, but just incase, I made her special "ace" pancakes to help wake her brain up before the big testing day! 
 At the end of AIMS testing week, we celebrated with a yummy polar pop of course! Love these crazy cute kiddos! Carter was a little bummed he didn't get one of his very own. But he ended up taking over Kylee's in no time! 
 Kylee busting out a Saturday morning workout with me. She rocked these burpees like a champ! 
 Sweet boy playing on his dresser! Sweet naughty boy that is! 
 Had Shelley make me an amazing twirly skirt! Kylee has some but I decided I needed one myself. I'm in love with all her creations! I have the best job ever! So thankful to work for such a talented woman!
 Thankful for parks nearby while Kylee has 2+ hour softball practices! 
 Family selfie while Kylee practices! 
 We want more than anything to have an underground pool in our yard. But for now, this play pool will have to do! Haha
It actually serves it's purpose very well! Carter LOVES it! 

 Potty training? Just starting to dabble with it. No potty in the toilet yet but hopefully it will happen soon! 
 This picture makes me laugh. Kylee was taking a selfie in the car on the way to school one morning and Carter was in the background complaining that it was "Carter's turn" to take a picture. So cute! His little face trying so hard to get in the picture makes me laugh! 
 Cuddling in Momo's blanket! We sure do love her and pray for her daily. 
 Wet t-shirt contest!! The water was FREEZING after sitting all night long in the cold but that didn't stop Carter from having some fun! 
 Kylee's dance group practicing poses for their pictures. They are so creative! Ha
 Kylee's dance competitions can be very long and "boring" for the boys. So they do all they can to stay entertained! 
 Waiting for awards at the end of their competition. They ended up getting first place for both their routines! So proud of them. They work hard all season long!
 This boy never crashes anywhere except the car or his bed. So this is rare and means he was REALLY tired! 
 Thanks to Jaime, the kids had a super fun glow-in-the-dark Easter egg hunt! It was so creative and so much fun! 

 Yearly tradition…dying Easter eggs for the Montez family egg-cracking game. 
 Easter Sunday! And of course we are wearing matching Shelleybee skirts! 
 My handsome boys all ready for Easter Sunday at church!
 Yearly egg hunt in Grandma and Papa's back yard!
 Let the egg-cracking game begin!! Kylee was a little excited that her egg beat our Kyrstin's. 
 But no one was more excited than this year's winner…DAVID! He now has bragging rights all year.