Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ward Trunk or Treat

Saturday night was our ward trunk or treat and Kylee went as a pretty lady bug! Her costume was too small and she ended up with a permanent "weggie" all night. I actually took some nice booty shots but they are a little unappropriate for the public!!! She got some good laughs all night! Here she is all ready for the big night!

She found her buddy Caden right away. He makes a cute little lion!

Here she is hugging her friend from nursery, Elli. She was a pretty princess!

David didn't come dressed as anything so my awesome young women got on his face right away and made him look "scary"!!

Here Kylee is eating all the candy she is supposed to be handing out to the trunk or treaters. She finally got the hang of it and started handing out candy to the kids, only she would give them a handful of like 5 peices each and we ran out of candy fast!!! We had to close up shop real quick!

Here Kylee is with one of her many boyfriends Mason. He was spiderman!

They couldn't leave without a kiss. How cute!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Senior Night......GO KNIGHTS!!!

Last night was Senior night and it was so sad, yet so awesome!! Sad because I'm graduating 6 seniors!!!!!! But awesome because we beat our region rival, Queen Creek Bulldogs! It was a sweet victory for everyone but especially for my 6 amazing Seniors. They made these shirts specially for last night. Aren't they cute!!!
These are the Sophmores and Juniors on my team getting ready to give the Seniors flowers. They're great!

The back of their shirts said "Beat the Dawgs" and "Pound the Dawgs". Very creative!!!

I had this cake made at Walmart. The lettering is kind of messed up but the idea was great! I think they have 3rd graders working in the lettering department! Ha ha!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fun Times

We spent the weekend at Grandma and Papa's house for General Conference and my parents have a fun park close by that we take Kylee to. She loves it! She was brave enough to go down the big slide all by herself but after she did it once, she chickened out and wouldn't go without David or I with her. These are just some of the pictures.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The future big sister in her!!!

I heard Kylee talking away in my room while I was getting ready for the day and this is what I saw. I was able to snap this shot above before she saw me. This picture below is when she caught me spying on her.

And this is her hiding from me because she usually hates to take pictures.

And here she is playing with me and the camera now.

Still playing and being silly!

And yes....I realize she is wearing the same outfit as the previous post. Ha ha!! She just keeps doing cute things in this dress!