Wednesday, July 11, 2012

More summer (June 2012)

Summer is officially over the halfway hump and we are on the countdown to school starting in August. Time is flying! Summer has been fun so far with a lot of eventful things going on. Kylee went to dance camp with her favorite dance teacher, Miss Melanie!! Here she is all dressed up for crazy sock day! This is as crazy as we get around here...
Miss sassy pants waiting to get out of the car and go to dance camp! 
I was pretty tricky this day. After her last day of dance camp, I scheduled an appointment with the dentist to get her tooth pulled. She had a crazy infection going on and had to get it pulled. I didn't tell her until we were in the car on the way. Less time for her to freak out! She did so good! Not one tear! So proud of our tough girl!
 Continuing with Kylee....this is just a pretty picture I took before church one day. I finally got the french braid technique down!! So we like to french braid her hair at night after a shower (when it's wet), let it dry all night in the braid, and the take it out the next morning. This is the result! Gorgeous hair!
Onto our Carter baby! Such a handsome boy. Here is is all dressed up for church one day. His hair is getting so thick and curly. He is now wearing 9 month clothing on up. Growing like a weed and getting cuter and cuter everyday!
 Hilarious! First taste of a chocolate shake. Hahahaha!
 Guess who is 8 months old?!!! Can't believe how fast each month is flying by.
Onto some miscellanious pictures. This was our first family swim! Love the Higginson's pool!

 While Carter was getting a bath one night, Kylee decided to jump in with him because it was a hot day and the water was cool. This is what we like to call "swimming in the bathtub"! Refreshing! Makes for super cute pictures too. Love my babes!
 It rained a little not too long ago! Something that hasn't happened in a long time! So Kylee grabbed Carter and went outside to play in it. So fun!!
 Kylee has always been the best big sister. She truly takes care of Carter all the time and helps me so much! And noone loves Kylee the way Carter does. I love them!!
Independence Day!! July 4th...woo hoo! Carter's first fireworks show. He watched them for a little bit but them got distracted and didn't seem to interested. But still fun!!
 Kylee and Londyn watching the fireworks from the sunroof of the Walker's car!
I was lucky enough to take 4 days to work the Festival tournament. I love this tournament! David took the week off and played Mr. Mom all week for me! It was great to be back in the game, but I missed my babies soooo much! I'm definitely NOT cut out to be a working Mom. My work is at home and that's where I love to be. But while I was working at the tournament, I got chosen to work the 12's championship match. There were over 250 officials at this tournament and only 7 got picked to work the R1 job for the championship matches. So I was honored that I got recognized and picked!
 Of course these two girls were there. But sad to know that their club playing days are over now. Off to college they go! So proud of them!
 Taylor Lautner?! Why yes!!! His little sister was playing at this tournament and he came to watch her. I didn't actually see him because he was in a different gym than me, but I still got a picture from some girl! He was crazy to come to a tournament where there were over 3000 girls!! Ha! He definitely caused some havoc to say the least!
Onto more miscellanious pictures....I'm very proud of this little DIY project I did in Carter's room. Pinterest is my best friend!
 Another pinterest gem....pudding pops! They are so yummy!
 Me and my babes all ready for church!
 Another pre-church and Kylee matched! Love my girl!
 Dusted off the old roller blades and went for a stroll with the jogging stroller. It was super fun! I forget how fun it is to rollerblade. Oh and don't worry, I totally biffed it going down the driveway! Haha!
California! Sadly our trip wasn't for "fun". David's step brother Gordy passed away from bone cancer. It was a 3 year battle and he fought hard all the way to the end. He was an amazing man who lived a great life. He will be missed. But while we were there, it was great to see all our family. This was Carter's first time meeting Uncle Brett!
 While in California, Carter turned 8 months old! He loved spending it with all his family...especially his beautiful cousins Madeline and Sydney!
 I absolutely love this picture. Carter loves his Grandma Deedee! I captured this sweet moment where he was cuddling her right before bedtime. He was a sleepy boy!
Best day!!!!! Today (July 11th), Carter's adoption was finalized. Words can't describe how I feel at this very moment. Pure joy! In Daddy's arms heading into the courthouse!
 Just waiting our turn to see the judge! So precious!
 And there we have it! All done! This is a picture with our lawyer, case worker, and the judge. We had the best people on our side who worked to get Carter's adoption finalized as smoothly and as quick as possible. We are so blessed to have been lead to these amazing people to help us with this process.
Next is the temple on Saturday! Oh happy day that will be!!!!! I love my family!