Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The girl is 7!

Big month for this special girl! She started school on August 8th and turned 7 on August 9th! I love that her birthday is right when school starts. Makes for an extra special week for her every year. She is so beautiful inside and out and makes our lives so wonderful. She started at a new school (Legacy Traditional) which requires uniforms. Here she is rockin the red polo! Carter wanted to wear a polo too since Sissy was. :)

 Birthday girl!!! Her day was full of surprises and gifts. When she woke up, she found a fun candy poster on her bed and balloons covering her entire floor!
 Then to the great room where she found happy birthday signs and streamers!
 Chocolate pancakes for the birthday girl's breakfast!

 We then surprised her at school and brought her McDonald's for lunch. Of course!
 She is so lucky because she is in the same class as Cole. I love that they are in the same class. I was a little worried they wouldn't pay attention, but this has been a huge blessing for her starting at a new school! We love it at Legacy!
 It didn't take long for baby brother to find the balloons! So fun!!
 After school we surprised her yet again by taking her to Build A Bear! She was in heaven!!!

 We took her to Peter Piper Pizza for her birthday dinner. Her choice! And then back home for a family birthday celebration. All of her QC cousins and Aunts/Uncles were able to come. So glad they all came to help make her day special!

 And the final surprise of the day....a new bike!!!
 More of Kylee - - This was funny. She has to read 20 minutes a day for homework and so this particular night she said..."Mom, start the timer so I can read for 20 minutes". Me - "ok...go"! 5 minutes later, this is what I find! Haha...she is a funny girl!
 Making sugar cookies with my girl!

 Thanks to pinterest, we now have a new hair style! Braided head band!
 And now onto our Carter man.......he is now 10 months old!!! Where has the time gone. He loves to swim but getting dunked under the water, not so much! Funny picture!
 We LOVE 8am church! It's perfect for his nap schedule. By the time we get home, he is so tired that he doesn't even make it home before falling asleep. So handsome! He has outgrown his infant car seat and is now in a big boy seat. Makes me sad, but the infant seat had to go!
 Having fun, as usual, in the bath!! Sweet boy!
 Giving his famous Carter smirks at Walmart! I love his little smirk smiles! So cute!!!
 Love this picture!
 Caught laughing so hard while trying to bite my toes. He thinks it's hilarious!
 Our handsome model baby!!!
 His new "fun" thing to do...climb on everything! Sure keeps me on my toes!
 Jordan baby!!!! Future NBA star right here!
 What our Sundays look like! The foyer is our best friend! Keeps this busy boy happy!
 He is so dreamy!
 Taking on the morning of his 10 month birthday. Can't believe how amazing he is!
 Playing in our bed! His favorite thing to do, especially in the mornings. Sweet boy!
 Onto some random pictures from the we are getting ready to go birthday present shopping for Sissy! Love my little man to pieces!!
 Some very exciting news last month....David got moved to the Detective position! He has a take-home car and a day shift. We are loving it!!!! I'm so proud of his accomplishments at work!
 While visiting Kylee's school on "meet the teacher night" I caught this cute moment between Sister and Brother. I love how much they love each other!
 And probably one of my most favorite pictures of these two! Kylee was helping wash Carter's hair in the bath and I had them both look at me and this was their facial expressions. Soooo cute!
 Last month I was able to speak at my 3rd adoption seminar! I love to speak at those and encourage the new hopeful adoptive couples. I could talk about adoption all day everyday! Especially when I get to tell our adoption story....because it's the best!!!
 We went out to the Miller's to spend the weekend there while David worked. We made sugar cookies, played games, and just enjoyed one another's company like we always do when we are together!
 Carter spending some time with Uncle Der Der and Aunt Nanny!
 We finally have a backyard again!!!!! Words can't express what it means to me to have a functioning, good looking back yard! We rounded up the older cousins to help us lay the sod. They were awesome!
 Blog book number 3 has joined the family. As much as I hate blogging because of how time consuming it is, I keep on doing it because these books make it all worth it! Memories for life!
 Little workout buddies! We always have quite the audience when we do our morning workouts.
 We got to go to the lake on Bill and Rachele's new boat! I hadn't been wake boarding in over 8 years so this was a rough ride!!! But I got up and stayed up for a while. Love it!

 Carter loved the wind blowing in his face! He took two naps while we were on the boat too. And he loved swimming in the lake!

 Kylee saw Cole wake board so she got the courage to give it a try. But that only lasted for one attempt! Once she couldn't get up and realized how hard and scary it was, she didn't want to try again. Hopefully we can get her back out there again soon!
 However, she LOVED the tube! Her and Cole would have stayed out there for hours if we let them!!
August was a huge month for us! I love to hit these milestones and big happenings with my sweet family. We are living the Pewfect life everyday!