Friday, April 29, 2011

Kindergarten Program

Last night was Kylee's "Kindergarten Celebration". This is in lieu of a graduation. It was super cute and the theme was based off of a book called The Sleeping Time all the kids were wearing pajamas. They have been working hard on this for weeks and it turned out amazing! I volunteered to help make the set/back drop and I think that turned out just as amazing as the program!

Here is Kylee's group talking about the letter Z. Kylee got to hold the letter!

Kylee's teacher, Mrs. Wright. WE LOVE HER!

Kylee has made so many great friends this year. We are sad to be leaving....but there's a chance we will be back for 2nd grade. If we do move back, we hope that all her friends will still be here too!

More friends!

They had a slide show of all the kids "profiles". They drew these pictures on a computer. Some of them were hilarious!

The set!!!!! Isn't it cute!? It's hard to see all the detail but it is so cute!

I can't believe Kylee's first year of school is almost over. She has done amazingly well in school...even with preschool the past couple years. I'm so glad that she loves school and loves to interact with all her friends at school. She is progressing well and we couldn't be more proud of the student and person she is, and is continuing to become. We love her so much and are so blessed to have her in our lives!


This video isn't the best but I wanted to catch some of the program on film for the Grandma's and Papa's! Kylee looks a little scared in this film. Haha! But I caught some of her friends smiling for the camera!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter 2011

Have I ever mentioned that Easter candy is my favorite candy of all the holidays? is! A tradition that Kylee and I have come to be "famous" for is dying eggs for the egg cracking game we play every year. It's been a Montez family tradition for as long as I can remember, and 4 years ago, I brought it to David's side of the family. So we had A LOT of eggs to boil and dye this year since we have added a few more people to each side of the family.


Friday was our Montez Easter celebration at Grandma and Papa Montez's. Kylee is my best helper...she loves dying the eggs! Pretty soon, she'll be doing this job all by herself and Momma can take a break!

Let the games begin...

Can always count on Dad to make a classic "doh" face whenever his egg loses the battle!

Caleb won this year! He's trying to make his toughest "egg winning" face right here! Haha!


Today (Sunday) was the Higginson/Oram/Pew Easter celebration. There are too many of us and I couldn't get us all in the picture. But it sure is a fun gang!

Sweet baby girl Quincy Lola! The only baby left in the family. Sure hope we can add a little Pew baby soon!!


As always...we have the BEST time celebrating the holidays with our family. We are so blessed to have the best families on both sides. Church was great today and I'm so thankful for this holiday season that we have it to remember Christ our Savior and that he died for us and was resurrected so that we too can live forever with our families and be happy! I know he is my Savior and that he loves me. I am so blessed....we are truly so blessed because of this day. I love my family SOOO much. LIFE IS GOOD!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Daddy Daughter Dance!!!!

Last Friday was the Daddy Daughter dance at Kylee's school. Kylee has been looking forward to this for weeks! We went shopping for a new dress and new shoes for this VERY special occasion. We even bought Daddy a matching PINK tie! They were the cutest couple there. I was so lucky because I got to go as a volunteer Mom and help. As we were setting up, I was so excited because the colors were black and pink....the same colors as Kylee's dress! It was so meant to be! :)

Here is the princess herself all ready to go!

Kenzie and of her good friends at school

Mallika and Kylee....another good friend of hers at school


Daddy doing the cha-cha! Hilarious!!!

Daddy spinning precious!

The cutest couple ever! Kylee always says that she wants to marry her Daddy. As long as she marries someone JUST like her Daddy, Mommy will be extremely happy!


It was so fun to watch them dance together and to see Kylee having so much fun with her little friends. The hit song of the night was "Dynamite" by Taio Cruz. As soon as that song came on, all the girls went running and screaming to the middle of the dance floor and sang and danced to the entire song. It was so cute!


Kylee has the best Daddy ever! I'm so thankful for the special relationship that they have and to see how much Kylee ADORES her Daddy. She is definitely Daddy's little girl.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Spring is here, and it has pretty much come and gone in a matter of a week! I've lived in Arizona my entire life and I've come to realize 2 things about this state:

1. Arizona has 2 seasons ("warm" winter, and "crazy hot" summer)

2. Arizona's weather is only consistent during the middle of summer, when the temperatures consistently stay in the triple digits. Otherwise, the weather can be 50 degrees one day and then 100 the next. Case in point....

This is Kylee and Emily swimming last week in 100 degree weather.

3 days was 41 degrees and the heaters were cranked up! What the heck??



As of lately...

Kylee was given an assignment in school a couple weeks ago and it was all about what you want to be when you grow up. This was Kylee's paper! I couldn't be more proud! Haha! If you can't understand it, it says that she wants to be a "volleyball girl"! YES!!!


My latest obsession.....I can't get enough of these things!


So David has been a police officer for almost 3 years now and I still have an extreme fear of guns. I always have. I have NEVER shot a gun before! Whenever I see his gun, I think death and accidents! So I make him keep them hidden from sight when he is the safe they go!!! Well lately I've been wanting to go shooting so I can get over this fear and gain a little "gun knowledge". So yesterday we went to a shooting range and David taught me gun shooting 101!

David said there are a million things wrong with my form in this picture but I think it looks pretty good! Haha! Below is the "master" at work! I guess he does look a little more comfortable and relaxed than I do. I guess my posture shows what I'm really feeling inside....FEAR and anticipation of what's going to happen when I pull the trigger.

I bet you can't guess what bullet holes are mine in this target picture below?! Hahaha! This was the first target I shot at. It got better as the time went on. I almost hit the X!


The "debt-free" journey has begun! We have officially moved out of our house and rented it out to an amazing family who is going to take care of our house....and we have moved in with family for the next few months so we can start paying off our fertility/medical debts! The past 4 1/2 years of uncovered fertility treatments and surgeries have really put us in over our heads with bills. I'm so thankful that David has an amazing SECURE job to help us pay off our debts fast! But we can't do it without the help of cutting WAY back on our day to day expenses. We have the most amazing family, on both sides, and they are more than willing to help us out by letting us live with them. We can't wait to have a clean slate so that we can prepare for our future children (through adoption or more fertility treatments). I joke and tell people that we literally have to make these sacrifices so that we can "buy" our future children. Not sure why it has to be this way for us but we are taking it as it is and know that this is the plan for us, and that blessings await us! We are willing to do whatever it takes to give our sweet Kylee girl a sibling and to have more amazing babies to love!

We just love her SOOOO much and are so thankful to have her in our lives. We wouldn't be able to keep a clear focus on our ending goal without having her sweet smile everyday. She keeps us going! She has given us the ambition to have more sweet spirits in our home no matter what it takes. I thank my Father in Heaven EVERDAY for blessing us with Kylee before sending us on this incredibly difficult infertility journey. I see friends and loved ones going through their infertility journey's without any children, and I just don't know if I could do it. I pray for them daily and feed off of their strength and faith to keep going. No one can EVER know the heart-wrenching pain of infertility unless they have gone through it themselves. It's a cancer of the heart...slowly killing you everyday. I am so thankful for the knowledge that I have...that I know I have a Heavenly Father that loves me and wants me to be happy. That I have a Savior that died for me so that I can live with my family for eternity. That even if I don't get to have more children here on this earth, that I will have that opportunity someday. I'm so thankful for an amazing husband who, even though he feels the same pains I feel, is my rock and supports me through all of it! Life is good and I LOVE LOVE LOVE my little family!