Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Birthday party ideas...

Kylee is turning 3 in a couple weeks and I'm at a dead end of what to do for her birthday party. I know a lot of you have little girls/kids so please help me with some fun creative ideas that were a success for your birthday parties. Any ideas would be great! Now that Kylee is old enough to understand that it is her birthday and that we are celebrating for her, I want her to remember it and have tons of fun! Send your ideas my way!!! Thanks!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Ella Grace Montez - Newborn pic

Natalie took Ella's pictures the other day and this one turned out so dang cute! For those of you who didn't read up on my past posts, this is the newest member of the Montez family. Ella Grace Montez was born on July 5th. She's such a blessing to our family! Such a sweetheart!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Fun Tag...

I always do the tags that are different. This one was fun. Thanks Cara!

i am: Stefany Ann Pew (formerly Montez)
i know: How to make really good grilled cheeses
i want: To be pregnant
i have: The best mother-in-law ever
i wish: I could stick to a diet and work out plan
i hate: Cooking last minute meals
i miss: As weird as it may sound......I miss nursing! (my baby)
i fear: Something bad happening to Kylee or David
i feel: Gross and need to take a shower after a humid open gym session at the school
i hear: Nothing but the air conditioning (it never stops)
i smell: Nothing again because I haven't cooked anything all day
i crave: Cravings! Ironic as it sounds - - it's the best Mexican food ever!
i search: For good black church shoes and can never find them anywhere
i wonder: If our economy will ever get better
i regret: Not picking out better colors for my wedding
i love: The gospel
i care: For my Young Women's choices in life
i always: Am in search of good coaches (for club and high school) - it's draining!
i am not: A blonde
i believe: In faith
i dance: When I'm happy
i sing: Disney songs all day long! They won't get out of my head!
i don’t always: Shave my legs
i fight: Over stupid little insignificant things
i write: Emails everyday
i lose: My bobby-pins all the time
i win: When I play any game against David - - Ha ha! :)
i never: Sleep without my body pillow
i listen: To Kylee sing in the car
i am scared: Of David's work going under
i need: To stop this blog and start cooking dinner
i am happy about: The future
i tag: Everyone who has a blog! :)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Come on now....!!!

Okay, so I just have to post a quick little blurb in here because too many of you took me seriously on my post about David's birthday present. NOOOOOOOO.......I didn't really get him a new lifted truck. It was totally and 100% sarcastic! Are you kidding me........it would be crazy to buy him a new big truck when for 1, he already has one - 2, the economy sucks and we don't want to make any crazy new purchases right now, and 3, GAS is crazy expensive and if I was going to buy him any type of new vehicle it would be some kind of little gas economy car!

Okay, I feel better now knowing that I've explained myself! Go check out my last two posts if you haven't already! Good night! :)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Play or Clean??? That is the question.....

So Natalie took Kylee to Chick-fil-A the other day while I was at open gym and Kylee was being her usual funny self. Luckily Natalie had her camera to catch her in action. She played on the playground for a little bit but then discovered the wet-wipe packets. This girl LOVES to clean! She helps me clean all the time. Oddly enough, however, she doesn't pick up toys off the ground though. But wiping things down is definitely her thing! But she's not your average "cleaning toddler". As you can see in this video, she's very particular in the way she cleans. (hint - watch how she wipes in perfect circles and even reaches up to get the corners of the mirror)

This one's for you Gramma Montez! I can only imagine how proud you must be of your little clone!!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Happy Birthday David Kent Pew!!!

Tomorrow (July 17th) is my hubby's 29th birthday. He has been an amazing blessing in my life and I can't believe I'm so lucky to have him as my eternal companion and the father of my children! Through the years, he's accomplished so much and has had many different "looks". I captured some of my most favorite moments and pictures since we've been married and posted them for your viewing pleasure! :)

I have the hottest husband ever!!! I love you so much David and I hope you have a good birthday. P.S. - - your brand new lifted truck is sitting in the drive way! Happy birthday!!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

My future volleyball star

Kylee loves to play with her little pink volleyball. I taught her a couple things so I wanted to catch them on tape for future reference when she is a teenage volleyball star at her high school!!! Ha ha - in my dreams! Anyway, you'll notice a couple funny things in this video. First of all, it's really dark so sorry if you can't see it very clearly. Second, I had to bribe her to "perform" in front of the camera so you'll hear her say "candy" after her first move. And thirdly, David was filming and has this obsession with making a fart noise out of his mouth everytime someone bends over........so when Kylee bends over at the end, you'll here a little treat coming from the camera - NOT my child!!! Although it wouldn't be unnusual if that "noise" really did come from Kylee. Ha ha!!!

(You might need to mute the music first to hear the great sounds of this video!)

And there you have it.....my little tootin', candy-bribed volleyball star!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Flashback Friday

As my summer is coming to an end and another Higley volleyball season is about to begin, I took a look back at all the teams I've coached there so far. I'm going into my 5th year as the head volleyball coach at Higley and I can't believe how fast the years have gone by. I still can't believe that I'm really a High School coach sometimes! It still blows my mind! I never thought I'd be a coach until I was way older! I'm very lucky to have had this opportunity to coach at Higley and I just loved my girls! I don't have a picture from the year 2005 because I actually didn't coach that year due to my recovery after delivering Kylee, but I was still involved and count that as time "served" there! Here are some pictures from all my teams....
This is my first team in 2004. We won the State title this year. It was amazing!
Here is my 3rd team in 2006. This was a crazy bunch of girls and I loved them! We barely missed the State play-offs this year by a half point - based on the Power Points system. Boo!!!
This was my team last year in 2007. This was a very special group of girls. We made it to the semi-finals in the state tournament. I graduated 6 Seniors this past year and it's going to be really hard to recover after that. But I'm really excited to get going with my team this year!

I don't have a current picture for my girls this year but tryouts are on August 11th so I'll take some pictures once my team is complete and update then. I feel very lucky to have had great success so far at Higley. I take this program very seriously and personally. It's my baby and I to think of the day that I won't be coaching there anymore makes me sad! I'm not sure when that will be but for now, I keep taking each year one at a time and putting my all into this program and each team that I coach. Go Knights!!!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Ella Grace Montez

Up until July 5th, Kylee was the only girl on the Montez side, but now she finally has a girl cousin to play with! My brother and his wife have 4 boys (Zachary 9, Dallin 7, Brigg 5, and Keaton 3) and now they have finally been blessed even more with a beautiful little baby girl! Ella Grace Montez was born on July 5th, which happens to be Dallin and Olivia's birthdays as well. There are now 3 people in that family with the same birthday! Crazy! I love my brother so much and he's such a great example to me. He has such an amazing-beautiful family and I'm so proud of him! Here is a picture of the family, prior to adding a little pink bow to it!!!

And below here is a picture of Kylee holding Ella Grace very proudly! She didn't want to put her down. She saw a video of Ella being born (C-section) and when she saw her umbilical cord, she was facinated by it and told everyone about Ella's cord. She wouldn't stop talking about her "cord". It was funny!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Photo Shop What???

So thanks to Gina, I discovered this wonderful website called www.picnik.com. It's like a photoshop type of program (only a website) that lets you mess around and "dress" up your pictures. Here's an example of what I did:

It's so fun! You can do so much with your photos. Check it out! I highly recommend it!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Where have I been???

For the past week I was in Texas with my sister's club team for the Junior Olympics. It was amazing! The whole experience was something that I've never experienced before. The athletes that were there amazed me. I saw little 11 and 12 year olds hitting the ball like they were 18. I seriously dream of the day when Kylee will be old enough to play. I already "train" her a little here and there! She has awesome form baby!! Ha ha! Anyway, I was excited to go to Texas for the first time too. We played in a huge convention center with over 50 courts in one facility. It was crazy! I hope that I can take my team next year and that we qualify because I want to get back there so bad! It was awesome!
These are some pictures of the team. They had to walk out to the middle of the court before every game and wave to the crowd. It was so "official" because it was the Olympics.

Here's the pretty gang early in the morning eating our free hot breakfast at the Embassy Suites!
I would've taken more pictures but I forgot half the time. I really wish that I would've taken pictures of the incredible green scenery all around. It was SOOO green! But it was increcibly humid! Yuck! We all went to Six Flags on our last day and that was so fun! I went on the biggest roller coaster of my life. I can't believe how high it was! The drop went on forever. I thought I was going to pass out! But it was fun and such a rush!!! I can now say that I've been to Texas! And that I've been to the Junior Olympics. It was awesome!!!