Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Too fast.......

Well, Christmas was here and now it's pretty much gone. It always goes too fast. So much hype and anticipation and then,'s all over! I had a fun Christmas this year however. This picture below is very small but the gang all got together and had a fun little Christmas party at the Webster's. It was one of our most fun parties, I must say! As for Christmas Day...David, Kylee and I woke up and opened presents at home by ourselves and had our own little Christmas. We then drove to my parent's house and had a big Mexican feast with the whole family. We played football park and I must say, "I tore it up"!!! My team smoked David's team!! Ha ha! We had a good time. Can't wait until New Year's! We are celebrating at Irma's and having a true Mexican feast! Can't get enough of that good ol' Mexican food. Yum yum! I hope everyone had a great Christmas!
In order........Heidi, Christina, Heather, Clifford, Tausha, Gates, Jodi, David and Me!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

I've Been Tagged!!!

So I've really been tagged a couple times but I'm actually going through with this one. I've always liked reading other people's tags but I never thought I had anything interesting about myself to write. Which I still don't think I do but I'll go through with this tag anyway because someone might think it's interesting! Okay, so here is 6 random things about me that most people don't know:

1. I am a Friends fanatic!! A couple years ago for Christmas, my Mother-in-law bought me all 8 seasons of Friends (when 9 and 10 weren't out yet) because I asked for them and I watch them ALL THE TIME! I not only watch them everyday when I have free time, but I also watch the re-runs on TV. I secretly feel like they are my real friends. I cry with them, laugh all the time with them, and go through all their emotions with them. It's sad.....I know! And the saddest part is that David hates to watch them with me so I can only watch them by myself. Kylee loves to dance to the theme song though. We get up and dance together to it. It's our fun little secret dance!

2. I'm a ping-pong CHAMPION! Or at least I think I am. I grew up having a ping-pong table and I wasn't very good at it but somehow over the years of not playing while I got older, I somehow became GREAT at it! Ha ha! And I gloat but that's because I'm only a champion amongst my close family and friends. I got put in my place last night by a real champion.........a 15 year old volleyball player on my club team. She smoked me!! And I was so mad. I kept playing and playing her thinking I would eventually beat her but NO! She smoked me by like 10 points everytime. I will have a rematch Tatum and eventually I will win!

3. I'm not the cuddler out of the couple. David LOVES to snuggle and do all that warm and fuzzy stuff but I somehow grew out of it over the years of being married. I used to LOVE it but I'm now only a off-and-on cuddler. David hates it and I know it's weird because usually the girl is the cuddler out of the couple, but I'm just not. I still like my moments though so don't get me wrong.

4. I hate going to the Movie Theatre to watch movies. I actually don't really care to watch movies at home either. I used to watch movies with my friends because we'd get bored and that was the thing to do when you were bored but now that I'm married and busy a lot, we just don't ever go to the movies. There are opportunities to go but I would rather do something else with my time. We seriously go to the movies about once or twice every two years. I can't even remember the last time I saw a movie in the theatre. David goes with his brothers more than he goes with me because we just don't go anymore. I'm more of a dinner person. I love to eat out!!!

5. I HATE to shave my legs. I know that most women hate to shave their legs too but I'm different because I don't!!! I shave about once a week - on Sundays! Poor David........he's just had to get used to it, although he still hates that I have poky legs all the time! I wouldn't mind shaving my legs if my skin weren't so sensitive. I have to use the most expensive razors to avoid getting razor burn. And my hair grows so fast and's the Mexican in me!! And the Greek. I'm screwed either way! It hurts though! I hate shaving because it hurts half the time.

6. I love doing housework!! I love doing the laundry, dishes, mopping, cleaning the bathrooms, vacuuming, dusting, and all the other down and dirty cleaning jobs! I love to make my house sparkle! Although it doesn't sparkle every single day............I still love to clean. And I complain sometimes to David because he doesn't help out very much with the cleaning side of things, but most of the time....I don't want him to. Only because I want to do it and I like it done my way! I think that's my Mom in me! She likes to do that stuff to and has to have it done her way. I somehow got that "gene" from her. David even tried to give me an incentive for losing weight......he said that if I lost a certain amount of weight by my birthday (Jan. 29th), he'd do housework for a whole month. So I had to admit to him that that wasn't incentive at all because he'd be taking away something that I love to do. It was probably a mistake to admit that to him because now he's going to do even less around the house than he already does!!!!! Ha ha!

So there you have it! Kind of boring I know. But at least I've done it and it's over with so no one can tag me anymore! I'm done!!! But now I get to tag other people right?? That's how this thing works?! So I now tag Gina, Heather Mills, Heather Brown, Traci, Jami Williams, Jami Baker, Jami "Weinberg", Cara, Kristi and Kristen. I only picked a few because I don't have my list in front of me and these names just popped into my head! Have fun!!!!

Thursday, December 6, 2007

New Family Pictures

It's that time of year again! I'm only posting a few of them because I don't want to ruin the Christmas picture that we will be sending out. Can you guess which one we are going to use?? My sister is awesome! These are of course taken by her!

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The joys of having a girl.........

Kylee is a girl in every sense of the word. Every day she wants to wear a dress and if she doesn't get to wear one, she throws a fit. And in these pictures, you can see that she loves to do all the girly things and this is what happens when she tries to do them herself. David and I lost track of her for about a couple minutes and this is where we found her...........In our bathroom with nail polish and lotion all over herself. But to give her the benefit of the doubt, she did get all 10 of her toe nails polished! That's my girl!!!

Then a few days later, she decides she wants to put my make up on for me. So I was a "nice" Mom and let her! Not that bad right?!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Our week in California...

Well, we had a fun and productive week in California. It started out in Palm Springs having early Thanksgiving dinner with my Grandma and family (I surprisingly don't have any pictures from that though). Then we drove to El Centro to drop off Kylee with David's Mom and we were off to L.A. the next day for another one of my surgeries. And for all of those who don't know was another successful surgery! My doctor is very optimistic that I won't need another surgery and that we are on the road to getting pregnant again!!! Woo hoo!! Anyway, we then drove back to El Centro where we spent the rest of our week. David's brother and sister came up and we all celebrated Thanksgiving with most of his family. Here are some pictures from all that....

David's Dad owns a feedlot and they have huge piles of corn. The kids love to play in it and try to climb all the way to the top. It's very exhausting but I got up there eventually!! Kylee had a blast!

There is also an area where all the bird in El Centro love to hang out. David's Mom drove her car through the middle of them all and this is the picture we got of it. Kylee thought it was the coolest thing ever!

David has been growing his hair out and one night while we were all hanging out talking, I started playing with his hair and this is the finished product. Cute huh!!!!

Introducing the FIRST ANNUAL JOHNSON'S THANKSGIVING TURKEY TROT!!! Becky (David's sister) put this together. It was a 2.2 mile run and everyone had fun doing it. I couldn't run because I had just come off surgery two days prior so I drove up around in David's truck and took some pictures. Sydney was the over-all winner!

Another family tradition of ours is that we go to the Salten Sea in El Centro the day after Thanksgiving and hike the trail up to the little mountain. We have a picnic at the end of the hike too. It's fun and the kids enjoy it!

Kylee was pooped from walking and sat on Daddy's shoulders most of the way.

These are all the grandkids that went. We are missing Paige, Abby, Navy and Andie.

Here they are from youngest to oldest. It's starts with Kylee at age 2 and ends with Meg at age 16. Grandma has her hands full!!!

Friday, November 9, 2007

The end of an incredible journey!!!

Well, our season is over............but it ended with a bang! This is my 4th year coaching at Higley and this year was definetly the most memorable. Mainly because the Seniors on my team this year were Freshman when I started coaching 4 years ago and they have been going through this 4 year journey with me from the start. They mean the most to me! We made it to the quarter finals of the state tournament and ended up one of the top 8 teams in the state. They are an amazing group of girls and I'm so sad to see our season end. I will remember this team always and the impact they have had on my life! You're awesome Knights!! And beautiful too as you can see in these pictures! (taken by Natalie Montez of course..........check out her blog under my friend contacts)

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Ward Trunk or Treat

Saturday night was our ward trunk or treat and Kylee went as a pretty lady bug! Her costume was too small and she ended up with a permanent "weggie" all night. I actually took some nice booty shots but they are a little unappropriate for the public!!! She got some good laughs all night! Here she is all ready for the big night!

She found her buddy Caden right away. He makes a cute little lion!

Here she is hugging her friend from nursery, Elli. She was a pretty princess!

David didn't come dressed as anything so my awesome young women got on his face right away and made him look "scary"!!

Here Kylee is eating all the candy she is supposed to be handing out to the trunk or treaters. She finally got the hang of it and started handing out candy to the kids, only she would give them a handful of like 5 peices each and we ran out of candy fast!!! We had to close up shop real quick!

Here Kylee is with one of her many boyfriends Mason. He was spiderman!

They couldn't leave without a kiss. How cute!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Senior Night......GO KNIGHTS!!!

Last night was Senior night and it was so sad, yet so awesome!! Sad because I'm graduating 6 seniors!!!!!! But awesome because we beat our region rival, Queen Creek Bulldogs! It was a sweet victory for everyone but especially for my 6 amazing Seniors. They made these shirts specially for last night. Aren't they cute!!!
These are the Sophmores and Juniors on my team getting ready to give the Seniors flowers. They're great!

The back of their shirts said "Beat the Dawgs" and "Pound the Dawgs". Very creative!!!

I had this cake made at Walmart. The lettering is kind of messed up but the idea was great! I think they have 3rd graders working in the lettering department! Ha ha!

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fun Times

We spent the weekend at Grandma and Papa's house for General Conference and my parents have a fun park close by that we take Kylee to. She loves it! She was brave enough to go down the big slide all by herself but after she did it once, she chickened out and wouldn't go without David or I with her. These are just some of the pictures.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The future big sister in her!!!

I heard Kylee talking away in my room while I was getting ready for the day and this is what I saw. I was able to snap this shot above before she saw me. This picture below is when she caught me spying on her.

And this is her hiding from me because she usually hates to take pictures.

And here she is playing with me and the camera now.

Still playing and being silly!

And yes....I realize she is wearing the same outfit as the previous post. Ha ha!! She just keeps doing cute things in this dress!