Friday, January 10, 2014

2014 is here!

Our journey into 2014! So Carter turned 2 in November and that's where I left off. I did something that I've never done before…I dyed my hair red! It was a bit of a shock at first but I now love it! I think I will keep it this way for a while! 

I took a huge risk because the very next day we had family pictures scheduled! I LOVE the way our pictures turned out. I wanted a cotton field setting but everywhere we went they were all picked through or not grown in enough. But we finally found one right next to Schnepf Farms. I absolutely love them all! 

 Since Natty came all the way out here to take our pictures, we planned a sleep over too! These girls love spending time together. 
 Christmas shopping with my love! He didn't want to let his mickey or other toys go. But I had to sneak them away from him so I could wrap them! Haha! 
 Speaking of my love, he thoroughly enjoys getting head tickles from me. He is such a sweet boy!
 Some crazy stuff happened on the rez during the holidays. This situation made the news! 
 David was on scene and made it on tv! Well, his handsome backside did! Woo hoo!
 I just love my sissy girl! We had a fun girls day this day and went to a jewelry party and lunch! 
 Church with my loves!
 Silly boy…always posing! 
 Random candid that I just love of him!
 I decided to decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving this year because Thanksgiving was so late in the month (28th). 
 My Mom started selling cowl scarves and Kylee was lucky enough to model them for advertisements! 
 The way he sleeps….always posing! 
 We spent Thanksgiving in California this year. All of my siblings were able to go to Grandma's. It was so nice to have them all there because then we spent Thanksgiving with David's family. So I got to spend Thanksgiving with ALL of our family! I love my baby dolly Nytlee girl! 
 My Grandma giving her yearly "speech" before we eat. I love her with all my heart and soul! 
 Her cooking comes second to none! 
 We spent a solid week in California. It was great! Carter and Grandpa Jiggs loved it the most! Best buds!
 Since we were there all week, we decided to take a trip to the San Diego Zoo. It was so much fun and Carter LOVED all the animals! He's been obsessed with animals and the sounds they make, so this trip was perfect. 
 Family bus tour of the zoo!

 Watching a clip of an Ice Age movie in 4D. Carter was a little weirded out by the things popping out at him. 
 Such a fun family experience! Making memories!

 Thanksgiving round 2! Mmmmm!!!
 Uh Lee set the turkey on fire! Hahaha! He blames Becky though. Guess we'll never know! 

 Bounce house tradition in the back yard! 
 Making gingerbread men! Carter just ate most of his the whole time! 

 All these holiday festivities wore little man out. I love the way he sleeps!
 Traditional trip to the Salten Sea! Carter loves his cousins!

 Two tired little girls after the Salten Sea! 
 The entire group at the Salten Sea! 
 Made it to the top! Yay!

 Back home and ready to take our Montez family picture! The two babies of the family were so excited!
 After the picture taking, we celebrated my Mom and Dad's birthdays! 
 That's a lot of candles! 
 Family picture result! Love this group!
 More photo shots for my Mom's scarves! Cute girls!
 This boys and his conversations. He is a hoot!
 Kylee's first dance performance of the year! Christmas dance festival! She is getting so good at what she does. Love seeing her grow into a great dancer!
 Uh, he not only poses during his naps…he also makes sure he's VERY comfortable! Ha
 I ordered this sweet little vacuum on black Friday for $15! Kylee loves it too…and I'm more than happy to share it with her! 
 Sun Devils had a great season! It was a big game day this day so we had to get Carter some kind of ASU gear! Helping Daddy with his pitchfork! 
 One of my favorite treats of the Christmas season…Peppermint chocolate chip shake from Chick-fil-A! Sooo yummy!
 Carter just loves to copy every move Tom-Tom makes! 

 Those toes though!
 Posing before church! So handsome!
 Just showing off another new outfit! Mom is going broke because I can't stop buying clothes for this little model!
 Loops of Lights in our neighborhood! They keep stepping it up every year. This year they made the top 10 list of Christmas lights to go see in the valley. #3 actually! We drove by it a few times this year since it's right around the corner from our house. Amazing! 

 My little sassy girl! Love her! 
 Breakfast with Santa at our ward party! Kylee was excited to tell him what she wanted for Christmas! 
 Carter…not so much!
 But he did finally warm up to him a little and gave him some "knuckles" to show he approved of him! 
 Our sweet neighbors surprised us with the "12 days of Christmas" this year! We have the best neighbors and live on the greatest street! We are so thankful to be where we are! 
 A new tradition we started this year was moving Mary and Joseph around the house…closer and closer to the manger every day. They finally made it to the manger Christmas morning. Such a fun tradition and Kylee loved it! 
 These two….best friends for life! 
 I can't quite figure out what I want to put in this little nook upstairs, but Kylee seems to have found some good use for it! (homework nook)
 Carter and his best buddy Porter! They are seriously best friends. They love each other! 
 Our card wall! Loved filling it up this year! 
 Carter and Sissy's morning goodbye kissy. Oh how I love the bond these two share! So special!
 Our family Christmas service this year. We stuffed stockings full of necessities such as deodorant, socks, toothbrushes and toothpaste….and then handed them out to the homeless roaming the streets of downtown Mesa. It was such a great experience for the kids and for us all as a family. 
 Uh…I won't post the actual picture but I injured myself pretty bad on this slicer. Let's just say the slicer was set to slice THICK chunks. My finger happened to find out just how thick the slices can cut. OUCH!
 Christmas party at our house! It's so nice having a house large enough to host family activities. 
 Traditional Christmas Eve celebration/dinner at the Higginsons. Kylee and Cole acting out the parts of Mary and Joseph. 
 Christmas morning! Santa came!!! 

 I love when Grandma and Queenie come for Christmas. I love this picture with all my heart!
 We took the kids to see Frozen the day after Christmas. Such a good movie! 
 Just a typical day in sacrament meeting! 
 Loving Christmas break!! We were sad when school started back up. We miss Sissy! 
 New Year's Eve was so much fun this year. David had to work, as usual, so Jaime (who was in town), and the Walkers came over to play games and keep me busy! It was such a fun night. 
 I stayed awake for my New Year's kiss! 
 Poor baby was running a high fever all week. I finally took him to urgent care on a Thursday night to find that he had an ear infection. First ear infection for any of my kids…so I didn't recognize the symptoms. So glad he is over it! 
 Smiley once again! Bye bye ear infection! 
 I let my babies sleep with me when they are sick. I sometimes regret it! I don't sleep much! 
 I had the amazing opportunity to go to a Gold Medal Squared coaching clinic with these girls. I love my job and love coaching with Erica and Sam! I learned so much from this clinic and renewed my absolute love and passion for coaching! 
 Been busy working for shelleybeeoriginals lately! This babe is literally attached to my hip so sometimes this is how my workday goes…with a monkey on my back! 
 Well…had a scary moment recently. David came down with a nasty flu bug and ended up being rushed to the hospital in an ambulance due to dehydration and hyperventilation. After 3 hours of meds and fluids, he was good to go. But poor guy was not feeling well all week. 

 Ear infection, fever, flu bug, sliced finger….this counter filled up fast this week due to all our ailments. Kylee is the only healthy one in our family right now. Sure hope it stays that way! 

Even though we are starting out the new year sick and injured, we are so excited for what 2014 has to bring for our family. We are close to being certified to adopt again and hope to maybe add to our family  again soon! Life is great and we continue to live with Pewfect life together!