Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's almost summer!

The weather sure is heating up outside and summer is just around the corner. We are doing what we can to prepare for the warm temperatures and I'm planning out a detailed summer schedule so I can keep the kids entertained on a budget. Kylee only has a week left of school. We are so excited for summer break and to be together all day everyday! Just wish David had summer break too!
 Here is what has been happening lately...starting with our Carter man!
He is getting so big!! He turned 18 months on May 7th and he is constantly growing and learning new things daily. He continues to win our hearts over day after day with his sweet face!
 He sure is ALL BOY! He loves to get dirty and be outside all day.
 His hair grows so fast! With Kylee we never cut her hair. We just let it grow and grow. But something we aren learning with a boy is that you have to cut their hair at least once a month. Suckers do the trick every time!
 I just love these pictures! Our little cowboy!
 Handsome as ever!!!
 His personality is definitely one of a kind. Being silly wearing cousin Ella's nurse glasses!
 Oh this little man....he is just so perfect in every way! All handsome for church!
 He makes the best faces too! He was very excited about coloring in church on this day!
 Funny boy tried his first lime recently. These pictures speak for themselves!
 Carter got his very first REAL baseball hat! He looks so cute in hats. I can hardly take it!!
 Just perfect!
 First experience with a lady bug. Poor lady got squished 30 seconds after I took this picture.
And now onto our Kylee girl! She has overcome Guillain-Barre like a champ! The first 3 weeks were very scary and unpredictable...but from week 4 to now (week 6), she has shown absolutely zero signs of GBS. Her physical therapist only saw her twice and said he didn't need to see her anymore because she is great. She returned to dance and softball. She hit a home run her first week back at softball and she performed 2 dances at her recital for dance. She has impressed doctors and everyone with how fast she has heeled. She has been an incredibly strong fighter and has been determined from the start to heal. The power of prayer and the Priesthood is undeniable! We are so thankful everyday that our Loo Loo bug is back!

 Sad day....Carter got a hold of Kylee's iPod and smashed it pretty good. Luckily it still works because it will have to carry her through until her birthday!
 Working on her back bends. This was week 3 1/2 since she was diagnosed. Improving so fast!
 At her dance recital! Looking amazing already!

 We absolutely love Miss Melanie, Kylee's dance teacher. She has been so wonderful and supportive with Kylee during her sickness.
 Gotta love dance makeup and hair! Ha! But she was so excited to get a trophy at the end of her recital! Can't wait for next season to begin!
 Spirit week for school was a couple weeks ago and Kylee had a blast dressing up! This was 70's day.
 Natalie had her precious beautiful baby girl on April 28th (which I'll explain more later). But Kylee was so excited when she finally got to hold her!
 More dance recital pictures...

 She is determined to get her flexibility back so she will be ready for dance company tryouts in July! She works so hard!
 We got hit by a huge haboob at one of Kylee's softball games recently. It was so forceful. I've never been outside in the middle of one before.
 Teacher appreciation gift! Kylee's teacher, Mrs. Farias, is so wonderful.
 The most recent picture of Kylee with her big smile that was missing for 3 weeks. Words can't describe how happy I am to have my beautiful smiley girl back!
Onto some other things that have been happening lately...
Natalie's water broke at midnight on April 28th. This was happening! I rushed out to the hospital and couldn't wait to welcome my sweet niece into this world!
 Since Natalie delivered at the hospital that Tera works at, Tera was able to go on shift and be Natalie's nurse. It was the most amazing thing ever. Tera is seriously the best nurse ever!
 After a long day, Nytlee Ysabel Miller entered this world at 4:55pm on April 28th weighing 6 pounds 5 ounces, and was 20.5 inches long. She is absolute perfection!

 Miracle babies!!!!
More random photos....
Carter can be a handful at Kylee's softball games sometimes. He wasn't quite feeling being on Daddy's shoulders this night.
 Probably one of my favorite pictures of my beauties! We were early to Keaton's baptism so we walked around and took some pictures. This one turned out perfect!
 My sweet sunbeams! I love being their teacher. They are the cutest and sweetest things ever!
 Kylee and Carter had joint doctor appointments recently. Carter unfortunatly had to get his 18 month vaccinations. He was not happy about those! But he is still tall, 92% for height and he is gaining weight, 68%. Healthy kids and all was good at their appointments!
 David came home from work one day with these little bad boys! Brings back so many memories. Kylee loved throwing them and Carter thought they were hilarious everytime they popped. He couldn't stop laughing!
 Another girls night out with my long time besties! I love these women in my life!
 And I was lucky enough to have lunch the very next day with another long time friend with her gorgeous baby girl. Carter and baby Lailah would make the cutest couple!!
Like Father like son! Leg up and taking naps! Precious!
Well, we sold our house! Well....hopefully. We got an offer we couldn't pass up so now we are just waiting to make sure everything appraises and works out. If it does, then we will be out of our house by June 11th. Crazy to think that this won't be our home much longer. We have brought home 2 babies here, they learned to walk here, said their first words here, and we have millions of memories within these walls. I'm sad to leave but excited for more room to grow in our next house. We love love love our ward and are doing everything we can to purchase our next house within the boundaries. That's our number one goal!
Life is amazing and we are excited for the future and what it may hold for our family!