Friday, February 8, 2013

Beginning 2013 with a bang!

We dove right into 2013 by going on our first cruise! It was purchased a year ago so we could go closer to our 10 year anniversary, but Carter came along and we didn't want to leave him when he was so young. But it worked out for the best because then we were able to go with 9 other couples from our church. It was the best vacation we have ever been on!
Here we are driving to California!
We left the kids with Grandma Deede and Grandpa Jiggs. While we were there, Kylee must have snuck this little note into our suitcase because when I opened it, this is what I found. 6 days away from our babies was a long time and we sure did miss them!! 
The boat was HUGE!! And yet this was one of the smaller ships the cruise line has. I was mesmorized by it all.
On the top deck there was a little 9 hole mini golf course. The boys got right to it while us ladies cheered them on!
The first day we docked at Catalina Island and the second day was at Ensenada Mexico. Here we are docked in Mexico.
Taking a mirror pic in our room before we went to formal night at dinner.
On Catalina Island with some of the girls! We drove golf carts to the top!
This is a little out of order but this is a picture of me reuniting with our babies!!! Carter literally wouldn't let me out of his sight for the first hour we were back.
Oh man...While walking around Ensenada, we found this little gem! Of course all the guys had to pose for a picture with him. Yikes!
Catalina Island with our ship in the background! This trip was truly a dream and we can't wait to go on another cruise!
The 4th and last day of the cruise was....well....hilarious! I can say that now but at the time, it was MISERABLE! It was incredibly windy so the top deck was closed off. It was our "day at sea" so we were just floating out in the middle of nowhere. And that wind caused the ocean to be incredibly wild! The waves were unbelievable and the boat was rocking non-stop. And not just a slight extreme rock to the point where you couldn't walk without falling over. Needless to say, everyone was sick! The only relief was to be outside in the fresh air on one of the lower decks. But it was freezing cold so we all wrapped up in towels and laid on the chairs. We all felt a little better but it was hilarious non-the-less! Classic memories for life!

After the cruise we stayed in California a few extra days. During one of those days, we finally got the chance to meet Carter's birth father. These pictures are something that I know Carter will treasure when he gets older. We are happy we got this opportunity and that they were able to meet each other.
Now onto our Carter baby! This was just a fun little picture we took while in California. Poor baby almost always has some kind of scratch or bruise right in the middle of his forehead. 
We got a treadmill, which makes for Carter's new favorite toy to play with/on!
Playing with a friend and learning that it can be hard to share sometimes (bottom left). Haha!
A game we play everytime I'm unloading groceries.....peek-a-boo between each load. He loves it and it helps me to leave him in the car while I unload the bags!
He recently discovered his "button" and loves to play with it.
Put him in front of a mirror and this boy is set! I have so many classic pictures of him making faces at himself!
I heard Carter messing around in the pantry and when he came around the corner, he had a bag of potato chips in hand! Junk food junkie at heart I guess! :) He knows what's good!
And yep...this happened! First time he's done this and hopefully his last!
Our sweet miracle babe turned 15 months on February 7th. I can't believe how amazing he is and that everyday he continually makes my heart skip a beat everytime I lay eyes on him. He is our everything and we can't get enough of our little firecracker!
I am the Sunbeams teacher now and because of David's calling, I get to have my boy with me during class time with 8 3 year olds. It sure does make for an interesting hour!
Onto our princess! Kylee is doing amazing things. She is progressing in her dance company, starting her second season of softball in a couple weeks, continuing to excel in school, and just amazing all around. We love our sweet girl!
I attempted my first sock bun for church. I think it turned out pretty good!
Flu season has been relentless this year! It's making third and fourth rounds all around us. Luckily no one in our household has caught the actual flu bug, but Kylee did get strep (for the first time) and a mild case of bronchitis. Carter luckily only got a runny nose and a cough. But for about 3 weeks, Kylee was running fevers and coughing like crazy. So glad a new Urgent Care opened up 5 minutes down the road from us last month. Perfect timing for those late night emergency runs!
At the doctor's office. Our 7 year old thinks she is turning 16 this year. She has always acted older than her age and loves to be "older". I wish she wasn't in such a hurry to grow up.
Kylee is doing so well in her new dance company! She started this new "competition" group back in November and has her first competition tomorrow (February 9th). She is loving it and we have seen her improve so fast in her dancing techniques. Her group performed at a local High School (Combs) basketball game recently. It was so fun to watch her little group perform like superstars!
Siblings and best friends for life!!! I love capturing moments with them together. They love each other so much and it melts my heart everytime I hear their laughter together.
Onto other "random" pictures from the month of January. I signed up for another half marathon with some friends. I am now regretting it as I am slacking big time on my training. The race is March 5th and I'm no where where I need to be. But I love my new yoga/running pants I got from Groupon! $15 only! I wear them all the time!
I got to run in the rain the other day. It was the most amazing run I've ever had. I wish it would rain everyday so I could run in it. I felt on top of the world! Ran 5.5 miles that day but felt like I could keep going forever!
The Walkers and us had a gun safety class recently. I want to learn how to work a gun and protect my family if necessary. So we had a little instruction in the classroom and then went to the range to shoot. This was an AR (I think) that the instructor brought. Scariest thing ever to hold that in my hands and shoot it. But it was fun too!
Hanging out with my crazies at the doctor's office for one of our many visits this past month. This one was for Kylee.
And of course January brings my birthday. I am now 31! There's no stopping it...I'm diving into my 30's whether I want to or not. David was so good to me this year and bought me a sewing machine! I've been wanting one for a while now because I'm anxious to start learning how to sew clothes and other household things. I can't wait!
He also took me to my favorite place...Red Lobster! I could eat crab legs everyday!
My sisters also took me to lunch for my birthday. I love that we always make time to meet up somewhere for our birthday lunches...even though we live on opposite sides of the valley. This North place was yummy!
Another random picture of me just hanging out and being silly with my girl. I love her so much!
And lastly...I decided to be a big girl and stop biting my nails! And the only way I felt I could do that was to have my friend put gels on them. They are so short and frail. They look so sad! But hopefully after a month of gels and lots of TLC, they will look like a lady's hands and not a 10 year old girls!
2013 has already been amazing for our family. David is incredibly busy with his detective work and will get even busier soon with Spring Training starting up soon. He tries to work as many games as he can on his off days. He loves it! I'm officiating club season right now and work almost every Saturday. It's great to have that outlet for me. I get to get out of the house and do what I love, all while making extra money for our family. In August, I have decided to go back to coaching. So I will be coaching again at Queen Creek High School. I'm so excited! It's been 2 years since I've coached. Life is busy and moving fast and we are just trying to savor everyday with our family. Life is good!