Friday, August 17, 2012

Summer coming to an end...

It sure has been a hot summer! Hotter than I remember. A lot of things have been happening at the Pew household this summer and Kylee is really looking forward to starting 2nd grade at a new school with her cousins this year.
First starting with some random happenings this past month:
Carter somehow caught a nasty flu bug that kept him down and out for 8 whole days. I'm so thankful for my Kirby! It sure did get a lot of use during those 8 days. Cleanest the carpet has ever been!
 The Olympics were awesome this summer! Volleyball especially was amazing. Here I am trying to get in some exercise while watching volleyball one morning. I'm finally back into a regular workout routine. I do bootcamp/crossfit style workouts with Jeff and Stephanie Rhees out of their garage. They have some pretty sweet equipment (including a pull up bar) and we get some pretty intense workouts in every morning. My goal is to master the pull-up bar and get a solid 10 in a row down!!
 The best workout buddies ever!
 On the days I can't make it to Jeff and Stephanie's, I do P90X at home. Kylee likes to jump in and do some of it with me. It's fun working out with my girl!
 Carter and I took a day "off" and drove out to Goodyear to play some cards with Aunt Nanny! It was much needed! :)
 Me and my little buddy! He loves to chew on his toothbrush. Starting good habits early!
 This sweet boy loves to be whispered to, cheek to cheek, right up against the side of his face. It is the sweetest thing! We whisper to him, tell him stories, and sing songs in his ear. It calms him down instantly, or just makes him laugh and smile!
 These two melt my heart when they play together. Best friends for life!
 I whipped out my roller blades last month during one of our walks and ever since, Kylee has been obsessed with learning how to use them. So she figured out a way to help her without falling.....scooting around while pushing the stool. Smart girl!
 Had me some much needed friend and sushi time! Shauna is 20 weeks pregnant in this picture and Jodi's baby is 1 month. Jodi was in town so we made sure to get together. And now Jodi is moving back to AZ in September! Love my friends!!
 Probably the most exciting news.....David got moved to the detective position! He now has a take-home car (which saves hundreds in gas each month) and he wears business dress (ties) to work. He looks so handsome every morning walking out the door. But I do miss my handsome man in a police uniform from time to time. Maybe I'll just make him dress up for me every now and then! :) But I am so proud of my man. He is also the president of the union for the department and just finished reorganizing the entire property and evidence room (and created a system for the future). He is working so hard and deserves all the praise he is getting at work!
 And now onto the saddest part of our month....Carter baby getting sick. On a Monday morning, he woke up totally normal and drank his bottle. He then started playing with Sissy and out of nowhere, he threw up on her and all over the floor. From that moment on, he was miserable. Unfortunately it then spread to Kylee, me and lastly David. It only lasted a day for us, but it dragged on for 8 horrible days for our little angel boy. Saddest thing ever!
 Sick boy at the doctor. I am a worry-wort and always take my babes into the doc if a sickness lasts longer than a day! Better safe than sorry!
 Cuddles all around during those 8 long days. Loved the extra cuddles!
 Daddy stayed home for 2 days from work to help me while I was sick, and then because he too got sick. Carter loved the extra Daddy time!
 Melts my heart!!!
 Some days he wouldn't eat or drink anything but I had to keep him hydrated. So he would let me squirt water into his mouth. This is the saddest face I've ever seen. :(
 And yes....I managed to snap a picture of me and David. I took this right before I ran to the toilet know! I managed to escape throwing up for 17 years! But this flu bug was too strong and I couldn't prevent it from happening this time. It was brutal! Hoping to start a new 17 year streak!
 Little man thinks its so fun to push his stool around the tile. He is walking everywhere when he has help. I need to get him an official walker toy. He is so ready to take the plunge but just can't get enough courage to take that first step. He will get it eventually, but I'm not in any rush for him to start walking. Stay my baby!!!
 David's 33rd birthday was July 17th. He got a pleasant birthday Carter and Kylee dog pile to wake him up that morning. No better way to spend your birthday than with those that love you the most, and who you love the most!
 Onto Kylee girl....she is entering the 2nd grade soon and will be attending Legacy Traditional with her cousin Cole. She is so excited! I love how smart and independent she is becoming. She loves to make her own food. Here she is making a sandwich for lunch!
 The day that I had the flu, this girl was the most helpful angel ever. She cleaned the house and even washed the dishes for me! I didn't have to ask her to do it, she actually asked me if she could do it for me. What a babe!
 This takes me back!! We haven't seen the icecream man for months but he showed up one afternoon so Kylee and I tracked him down. I love this picture of her. She is amazing!
 Our little "mother" around the house. Always taking care of her babies....all while watching a movie on her ipod while riding in the car. She's a funny girl!
 We are going to miss this pretty helpful face when she starts school next month. :(
 It's so hot outside so we set up a bubble blowing station inside! Fun stuff!

 And onto our growing handsome Carter Aaron....
He is now 9 months old and growing like a weed! At his 9 month check up, he was 29.6 inches long and 19.4 pounds. This puts him in the 40% range for weight (skinny boy) and 93% range for height!! Love how tall he is!
 First experience at Nielsen's! Frozen custard is the best and he loved it!
 Loves to play with the dishwasher...and climb onto it! Silly boy!
 Soooo handsome! Love this outfit on him. And he loves his horsey!!!
 Rockin the ASU jersey! He is sure to follow in his Papa's, Daddy's and Uncle Aaron's footsteps and become a Sun Devil!
 Last but not least, this silly boy has mastered tantrum throwing! He got spoiled while he was sick because he was held all day long! So once he was better and wasn't getting held all the time, he would get mad and chase me around the house. When I couldn't pick him up, he would stop and sit up, then throw him hands down on the floor followed by thrusting his head down between his legs on the floor. It's the cutest, yet saddest thing ever. I can't help but pick him up everytime. So yes...he wins the battle everytime! Haha!
Life continues to move on at a rapid pace and I am thankful everyday that I take as many pictures as I do so I don't miss a thing. I love my babies so much! I love my family more than I can ever say. So blessed!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

The best day ever!

On July 14th, all our dreams as an eternal family came true. We were sealed in the Mesa Arizona temple at 10:30am with all our family and friends there to witness it. It was such an amazing day!

After the temple, we had a luncheon at the Higginson's home where we also blessed Carter! He looked so handsome in his white outfit. Words can't describe the feelings I had as I saw both Carter and Kylee enter the sealing room in their whites. It's just a glimpse of what heaven is going to be like. Oh what an amazing day! We were so glad that Erynne and some of her family could come. Such a special day for everyone!