Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our September!

Fall is here!!! Well, almost! Officially it is but the weather still hasn't quite convinced me. Starting out this post are some misc pictures!
So glad that we have a backyard again so Kylee and Carter can play!
 Daddy and Carter trying to entertain themselves in a girly store while Sissy spends her birthday gift cards at Justice! I think Carter really wanted to buy this doggy!
 David was gone for 4 days for training in Vegas and while he was gone, I decided to surprise him with a mini bedroom make-over! During our move to the Westside, our (already semi-broken) sleighbed completely broke. We have been without any bed frame whatsoever since we moved back. So I searched on pinterest and found this easy DIY headboard! I love the way it turned out and David loved it too!
 Momma and Carter waiting in the car to pick up Sissy and the kids from school.
 Daddy reading to the kiddos!
 We are in the middle of Fall break so Kylee spent a few days with the Millers. Here we are meeting up in Mesa at Bahama Bucks for some yummy treats!
 General Conference was just a few days ago and the messages were amazing, as always. But the most shocking announcement came Saturday morning when our prophet, President Monson, announced that the age for missionaries has now changed to 18 for boys and 19 for girls! Such an inspired announcement. I can't wait to see how the mission field is going to blossom and grow with this age change!
 Jodi and McKay are in Anthem now and so we all got together for a little "house-warming" potluck this past weekend. Love all my friends sooo much! And I love that we all make time in our busy changing lives to get together as often as we can.
 Kylee and Carter were SO excited to have their Daddy back after his week in Vegas for training. They missed everything about him, especially his book reading skills! :)
 Melts my heart (I know this is a repeat picture but I couldn't figure out how to delete it without affecting the rest of the post)
 Circle K slurpees after school is becoming quite the tradition around here! Well this time we got them for FREE because as we were standing in line to buy them, the power went out! So they sent us out with free slurpees. Woo hoo!
 While Daddy was away, we had a slumper party in my bed. Fun times!
 We were lucky enough to run into the Chapman's at the San Tan Mall last week. They were here visiting some friends and so we met up at the mall and hung out for a little while. We love them all so much and are so thankful to have a great relationship with all of our birth mother's amazing family!
 Sweet loves between my boys!
Now onto Kylee and Carter.....the inseperable duo!
Carter just loves to "help" Sissy with her homework!
 All pretty and handsome for church!
 One of their favorite things to do on the swingset!
 These are a little out of is Kylee swinging with her baby while Carter takes a nap! She is such a sweet tender-hearted girl and we love her so much!
 Something VERY exciting that happened this past month is Kylee started softball! I was in 2nd grade when I first started playing softball too so I was super excited to see her start this exciting journey too. She is doing so well!!!

 Her team name....The Sun Devils!!!!
 David and I help out with practices sometimes. It's fun to be hands on with Kylee and her team mates.
 Practicing in the backyard. Carter can't wait to play too!
 More of our slumber party when Daddy was gone!
 I have a handful of my favorite pictures and this one definitely makes that list! Carter's face is priceless!!!!!
 Don't know how these got so out of order but I don't have the time and/or patience to fix it. Blogger is so difficult!!!! But here are more pictures of Kylee at softball practice.
 The other night Kylee and Carter were playing but I had to stop it and send Kylee to bed because she had school the next morning. Well Carter was NOT happy about that. He was so fussy and nothing I was doing would calm him down. So I brought Kylee back out and he was a happy boy again. I love how much they love each other.
 And again....more softball
 Kylee has had about 3 trims in her entire 7 years of life. I just hate letting go of her gorgeous hair! But it was time yet again this past month so Tanya came over and trimmed about 2 inches off. Healthy again!!!!
 Picture day at school!!!! Can't wait to get them back.
 Kylee being her usual silly self!
 Carter got his very own swing! He loves it and could swing for hours and hours!
 Carter's first words are in this order...1 - Dadda, 2 - Momma, and 3 - Dog ("dog dog"). I LOVE when he says dog dog because his lips pucker up just like this picture below. It's the cutest thing!!!!
 Big boy graduated to a big boy car seat this past month too.
 Sooo handsome in his new church shirt!
 Hilarious......Carter was obsessed with this light saber at my parents house and he wouldn't let it go. If anyone tried to touch it or pretend to take it away, he would get soooo mad! As you can see in the next picture.
 Mean Daddy!!
 Cousins teaching Carter how to give high fives and knuckles!
 Testing out his new kicks!
 Soooo excited playing with Dady!
 They don't get more handsome than this!!!!
 Handsome boy! He is growing so fast so I had to go buy him a whole new wardrobe recently. This is one of the outfits. I love H&M!!!
 And the most exciting thing that happened last month.....Carter started walking!!!! Over the past month or so he has been taking about 10 steps or so at a time and then fall. He was crawling still most of the time while taking a few steps here and there. But on September 25th, he decided crawling wasn't his thing anymore and he took off walking and hasn't looked back! He officially started walking at 10 1/2 months old...3 weeks before Kylee started walking. I just have early walkers I guess! He is ready to go go go!!!!
 Showing off for the ladies at church!
 This is definitely my favorite stage so far! He is bursting with personality and constantly on the go and discovering more and more everyday. He is keeping us on our toes and makes us laugh everyday.
Life just keeps on going and in my opinion, it's moving wayyy too fast! Everyday I am trying to soak up the days, weeks and months that Carter has left as a baby. It's not fair that he is growing up so fast. It's unbelievable to me that he is going to be 1 next month.
The holidays months are officially here and the excitement and cheer is definitely in the air. I LOVE this time of year sooo much! And it's always so much more fun and exciting when I get to celebrate everything with my sweet family. Life is amazing and just keeps on moving too fast.