Friday, November 16, 2012

It's Holiday Season!

October flew by and the holidays are already here! I absolutely LOVE these last 3 months of the year. Makes me so happy!
To start my blog post, I begin with Kylee Loo! She amazes me everyday. I caught this rare moment of her napping on my bed. So looks so peaceful and just beautiful!
 This is her second grade picture (Legacy Traditional). I'm just so glad that her curls somewhat stayed for the picture!
 She had a music performance with her entire grade last month. She got to play the xylophone during one of the songs. She did so great!

 Our little dancer girl got asked by her dance teacher to join a mini company (competition style) dance group. This group is usually a tryout based group but she got asked by her teacher to join it! We are so excited for her to take this next step in dance. She loves dance and we are happy to support her in whatever she loves to do!
 Her first season of softball has come and gone. She had her last game last week. She will start a new season in the Spring. She loves the game and we are so proud of all that she learned and accomplished this season!
 With dance twice a week and softball twice a week, Kylee still managed to maintain an A average and made the honor roll both grading periods so far this year. We are so incredibly proud of her!
Now onto our sweet Carter baby! With every passing month, he learned more and more and is growing SO FAST! With his continuous growth spurts, I keep heading back to my favorite store (H&M) to keep his closet stocked with cute clothes! Here is one of my favorite outfits of his. Soo handsome!
 Another cute outfit...all dressed up and having fun at church!
 Dressed up yet again just to go to Walmart! He's stylin' no matter where he goes!
 Something that Carter is perfecting is his tantrum throwing! He now screams, hits, and grunts everytime something doesn't go the way he wants it to. But it's HILARIOUS and super cute. Well, for now it is....not sure how I will feel about it later on!
 He also learned how to open doors! The pantry door seems to be his main door of choice to open!
 This boy continues to knock his head in the SAME spot at least once a week. It has turned into a permanent bruise on his forehead! He is such a busy boy and always on the go!
We went to California towards the end of October for Lauren and Todd's wedding (Erynne's brother and best friend). We love road trips and we were excited to go! Me and David being silly in the car!
 Of course Erynne was super excited to see Carter! Since we were there right around his birthday, she wanted to celebrate. She got him cute toys and a book. It was perfect and we were so happy to reunite them once again!
 At the San Diego temple where Lauren and Todd got sealed!

 And of course dancing at the reception! Love this picture!
Onto some random stuff that happened last month. Here Carter is knocked out after a busy Saturday watching his cousin Dylan play football. We were eating at Sweet Tomatoes with the Millers and Gramma and Papa. Fun times!
 We participated in a walk for pancreatic cancer for David's brother John, who is currently fighting his own battle with it. We were part of a large group and we had these cute shirts!
 Carter pushing while Kylee pulls. Not very productive!

 Such a funny moment....Carter was getting super jealous and upset because I was playing with Kylee and not him. So he walked up to me, started stepping on my face, then he straddled my head and sat right on my face! He stayed there for about 2 whole minutes too. Enough time for Kylee to run and find my camera and take a picture. It was super funny!
 Yikes...this picture makes me cringe! I was trying to get a pit out of an avocado and the knife slipped out of the pit and stabbed through the avocado and then thru my finger! I literally felt the knife hit my bone. It was so gross and painful!
Onto Halloween!!! Here Kylee and I are making some Halloween crafts!

 Carving pumpkins....yucky!
 The finished pumpkins. We actually had about 5 or so pumpkins to carve but once I dug into the first pumpkin, I remembered that I HATE carving pumpkins and made them as simple as I could....then stopped after I did Kylee's and Carter's! Haha!
 The Super-Pews!!! David and Carter are Clark Kent (Superman), Kylee is Supergirl, and I'm Lois Lane! It was a lot of fun to dress up as a family and it will be something we will do from here on out! Loved it!

 I totally forgot to get pumpkins for Kylee and Carter to trick or treat in this year, so Carter used his Easter basket and Kylee used a random bag! Oops....Mom fail!
 Kylee and Cole....Supergirl and Zombie boy! They have trick or treated every year together since birth!
 Carter's first experience trick or treating!
 He didn't realize how much work it was! Even Superman needs to take a break from time to time!
 The best part....going through all the goods! There was only ONE now-and-later in her bad this year, which for me means it was an unsuccessful year! Those are my favorite!
 Our neighbor had this huge boa outside and Kylee somehow decided it would be fun to hold it! GROSS! I would never!! And it shocked me that she did it!
Onto more random stuff....Carter loves to push anything with or without wheels. If it can move, he will push it all around the house. But he especially loves his stroller! Our walks take three times as long because he never wants to sit in it!
 These two crazies love to wrestle and play on my bed before bed time. Love it!
 My super boy and super girl! Kylee had a Halloween dance party at dance class. Her and Carter got dressed up for it!
 I just LOVE this picture!! The weather cooled down significantly recently and hoodies and jackets are necessary! They are all bundled up and ready to go outside in this picture. Love them with all my heart and soul!
 Carter, yet again, pushing something around the house. This seems a little backwards to me but he insists on pushing Kylee around. He doesn't like it the other way around. He is just training for football!
And I can't believe it but Carter turned ONE!!!! We had his party at Peter Piper Pizza. Grandma and Papa of course came! They are the best!
 A lot of my friends came this year too. I'm so blessed the with most amazing friends! Matt and Heidi made the party a little crazier!! Love them!
 Not so sure about the candle...
 But he was very excited to attack the cupcake!

 Opening lots and lots of presents!! Lucky boy!
 Cami, Christina, Heidi, and Peter all there to support Carter on his special day! Love them all so much!
Onto the fun part....enjoying all his new toys!!!!

More Carter pics...such a sweet boy! Fell asleep on his teddy bear!
 Playing outside as little superboy yet again!

 Daddy helping him slam dunk on his new hoop!
 One year appointment (and fun)! He weighs 22 pounds which is 64% for all babies his age. He was in the 90% for height and 99% for head circumference. Haha! But I think that included some of his thick curls!
More random good friend Shauna had her baby!! She was 6 weeks early but healthy as ever! She has to stay in the hospital until she is 5 pounds, which shouldn't be much longer. I was so excited to visit her and hold that precious princess!! Lailah Jade!
 We have been having a visitor at our back door this past week. I hate cats!!! Against Kylee's wishes, I refuse to feed it! It will keep coming back. Carter calls it a "dog dog" of course!
 Yep...we have our Christmas tree up and other decorations! We are super excited around here!!!
 I LOVE Mondays! David has Monday's off so that is always OUR day to go out and get stuff done. We usually go out to lunch too. Carter loves this day too! Extra Daddy time! they are! Christmas is coming!!!!!!
Life keeps on moving forward and our family is doing awesome. Can't wait for an exciting Thanksgiving in California and then Christmas here in AZ. I just LOVE this time of year!!!