Thursday, June 28, 2007

She is our world and rules it!

Taken by her talented Aunt Natalie!
Just thought I'd do a little advertising for my sister!

Curly Sue! She is definately blessed in that area!

It's time!!!

's potty-training time! She's been playing the game of just sitting on the toilet and saying "stuck", meaning that her wee-wee and poo-poo is stuck. It's hilarious!!! But we keep playing the game hoping that one day she will actually do her business on the toilet.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

California Vacation

We just spent the last week in California. David and I took a mini-vacation to Catalina Island. We left Kylee with Grandma while we went back to the place where we spent our honeymoon 5 years ago. It was beautiful and the weather was gorgeous! We then picked Kylee up and drove to San Diego where we went to the beach and Sea World. Kylee loved the ocean and Shamu. It was a fun week and we miss the weather. We are now back home in 110 degree weather. Yuck!