Thursday, May 29, 2008

Haven't done this in a while...

I got tagged! This was a fun change because I haven't done a tag in months. Thanks Heather for the tag!
How to play this game. Post these rules on your blog; List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, 3 random surprising facts about yourself. Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

1. Family 2. Church 3. Volleyball
1. My house burning down 2. Being a widow 3. Swimming in the deep end at night
1. Find a babysitter for one more day while I'm at Girl's Camp 2. Finalize my volleyball summer schedule 3. Sign Kylee up for dance classes
1. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches w/a cold glass of milk 2. Budgeting and trying to save every penny we have because of gas prices! 3. The internet
1. I'm very flexible and if I stretch out good enough, I can do the splits on command!! 2. I pretty much only shave once a week (on Sunday mornings) 3. I have a crazy ambition to one day go completely blonde.....I just don't have the courage to take the plunge!

People I tag...
Heather B.
Have fun girls!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Weekend

I love holidays! Any excuse to be with family is the best thing ever. David didn't have work Monday or Tuesday and I didn't have volleyball on Monday so we took off and had a nice LONG weekend in El Centro with David's family. I don't have many pictures though because I forgot my camera outside of the house, but here are a couple of the ones that I took. Below is a cute new dress that Grandma Dee-dee bought for Kylee. She absolutely loved it and didn't want to take it off once we put it on her. Thanks Grandma!!! We love it! This isn't the best picture but I will be sure to take some good ones of her in this dress and send them to you soon!

And below here is a funny picture! We were looking for the remote at David's parent's house and this is what we stumbled across......
Are you kidding me!!!?? We laughed for hours when we first saw this monster remote control. It's as big as a computer keyboard. It was hilarious! I think someone bought it for David's parents as a joke. Well, they programmed it and it is now their main controller for the TV. Funny huh! I've never seen anything like it. And the word "remote" is spelled wrong on it. It says "REOTE". It was the highlight of our trip!!! Okay, maybe not.....but it was funny!
Lee and Courtney came up to California with their girls too. They went to Sea World and San Diego for a couple days but we got to hang out with them most of Sunday and Monday. Kylee just loves her cousins so she had a blast with them there.
On a side note (for my journal/blogging sake) Kylee picked up a new phrase that is hilarious. Her new favorite Disney princess is Jasmin (from Aladdin) and at the very end of the movie, the Genie pops around the corner and says "Made you look". Well, on our drive home from California today, she bursts out from the back seat in her car seat and says, "Momma.....look!". I turned around and looked only for her to say....."Got ya look"! We laughed so hard so she of course kept saying it over and over. It didn't get old though. We kept laughing just as hard as the first time. Just a little Kylee-ism I had to blog down for memories. She's a funny girl!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Montez Family

Since most of my blogs relate to my life in Queen Creek (where David's family lives) I don't have a lot of pictures from my family (besides Natalie)! So my Mom complains that I don't have enough pictures of the Montez family on here. Well, it's mainly because I always forget my camera when I go out to my family's house or I just forget to take pictures. Plus, Natalie always has her camera and takes all the pictures for everyone. She compiled all the pictures she's taken
in the past couple months and gave it to me, so now I have some pictures to post of my family! These date back from March so a lot of these are from Easter....
Every year we play a really fun egg-cracking game for Easter. It's a Montez family tradition. the person who's egg doesn't crack, wins and has good luck for the rest of the year! Well, supposedly!
My sister Tera cracking David's egg!

Kylee and her favorite Montez cousin Keaton! She looks like she's going to thrash Keaton's egg!
My Dad and brother. My dad is very mischevious about this game!! Look at his sneaky face!
I just knocked my brother (Aaron) out of the game!!! We are ultra competitive.....even when it comes to little games like this! He's so mad that he has to get up and walk away!! Look at my face as I rub it in! Ha ha!

Olivia (my brother's wife) and two of their four boys. This is Dallin and Zachary. By the look on Zachary's face, he just got his egg cracked by Dallin and Olivia is proving it by pointing to his cracked egg. Ha ha!

All the Montez cousins! As you can see, Kylee is the ONLY girl! Not for long though......Aaron and Olivia are pregnant with a girl! Little baby Ella! My nephew's names are: Jacob, Ethan, Dallin, Caleb, Zachary, Brigham and Keaton.

A picture of me, Mike (the only cousin on my Mom's side), Tera, Natalie and Aaron.

These are pictures from when Natalie was babysitting Keaton and we went to the water pad play place at the San Tan Mall.

They had a blast!

Every year us girls get together the Friday before Mother's Day and have lunch. It's our way of celebrating together! This is us outside of Applebee's. It's Tera, me, my Mom, my Mom's sister Penny, Olivia and Natalie. And of course little Jake and Kylee down below!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I took the "Plunge"

What is it with this book??? Everyone I practically know has been trying to get me to read this book for over a year now. I know it's because I tease everyone that's read it and who becomes literally obsessed with it. All I would hear is that it was about vampires and all that crazy stuff. Who wants to read about that crap?? Well, turns out I do! I finally took the plunge and read the book. Let's just say that I finished it in 4 days and am now half way into New Moon. I'm still going to stick with my first comment.........WHAT IS IT WITH THIS BOOK??? They get you hooked and you can't put the dang book down! It's made me incredibly lazy because all I want to do is read. I've never read a book like this before. David laughs at me because out of the 6 years we've been married, he's never seen me read a book (other than the BOM of course). After I read Twilight, I went to Katie's blog and watched the trailer. Oh man!!! I can't wait until December 12th!!!!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The BEST day ever!!!

It was our 6th anniversary yesterday and since David and I didn't have anything holding us down the whole day (no work, no volleyball, no NOTHING), we took full advantage of it and planned a super fun day in "honor of our special day"! So for starters, we did something that we haven't done in a LONG time.........we went to a movie! We went and saw Baby Mama, and it was so funny! I love Tina Fey and Amy Poeller. I must say though......the movie hit a little too close to home. If you've seen it and know my situation, then you'll understand what I mean when I say that I got "a little too emotional" during a movie that can ONLY be described as a comedy!!!
After this hilarious movie, we went across the street to one of my most favorite lunch places.....Paradise Bakery! I got my usualy fav....Fire roasted tomato soup and bbq chicken salad. So yummy!!! (sorry, no picks of this delicious meal). We then went to our nephew, Tom's, birthday party where they had this huge water slide. Kylee had a blast! David and I also had fun hanging out and talking with our family. Everyone from David's side was there and we always have a ton of fun when we get together!
Afterwards, David and I had planned to go miniature golfing (one of our most favorite things to do together). As we were talking about it to his brothers and sisters, we ended up inviting all of them to join us. All but one couple came and we had an absolute blast! We had a bet going on too that whoever scored the worst would have to buy icecream afterwards! Well, luckily that wasn't David and I because for one thing, that would really stink to have to pay for other people on the day of our anniversary celebration!!! I won't say who lost (hmmm, C and L - ha ha) but we all ended up paying for ourselves because we felt too bad. Here we all are below eating yummy grinders and frozen custard at Nielson's. Yummy!!!
And here's the happy couple (stuck in the back seat of the suburban!!!) on our way home. We had such a fun day! I love you soooo much David! 6 years are still and always will be the absolute love of my life!!

Needless to say, we were extremely tired and wiped out after our long day of FUN! Kylee pretty much sums it up here in this picture below.....
Thanks to Courtney, Lee and Sydney for taking care of Kylee so that David and I could have a wonderful anniversary celebration day. We love you all!!!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My little model! are about to encounter a billion pictures!!! Natalie took a ton and we had to pick through them and find the best ones. Well, the best "ones" turned out to be over 30 pictures! I didn't even post all of them because it would've taken you all an hour to look at them all. So I just posted some of them. They turned out way too cute to not post!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Daddy-Daughter Night..

David got invited to a baseball game last night and since I had practice, he decided to take Kylee with him instead of finding a babysitter. I'm so glad he did because they got to spend some quality time together. She had a blast!
Here she is doing her "model face" impression! Ha ha!
There was a playground area there and Kylee loved it of course! She kept Daddy there for 2 whole innings!

Best buddies!

I love this picture below because it shows her true feelings of how she just ADORES her Daddy! I love the way she's looking at him! So cute!
"Thanks Daddy for a fun night! I love you!".............-Kylee

Friday, May 2, 2008

My life as of this moment...

Let's just say that I have some time to myself right now as Kylee is watching a movie, David is at the Diamondback game, and I'm sitting here in front of the computer. I thought I'd take this time to recap what's going on in my life at this moment (for my journal portion of the blog). I'm a very busy woman (who isn't) but I want to log this down so I don't forget all that I used to juggle on my plate as a 26 year old!
I'm first and foremost a Mother to this sweet little girl Kylee Alexa! She is the pride and joy of my life and makes me laugh and smile everday. I'm so thankful to be in the position to stay at home with her and be here for her every moment as she discovers the world around her and learns new things every day.
And equally as important, I'm a wife to this handsome man....David Kent! He too is the light of my life and makes me laugh and smile daily. He works SOOO hard to support our family and equally as important, he supports me in my busy life style without complaining.
But most importantly, and the thing I love most about this man, is the amazing father that he is. Kylee LOVES her Daddy so much and can't wait for him to get home from work every day.

They constantly make each other laugh and smile!
Another very important "role" in my life is my calling. I love the young women in my ward so much. They are amazing girls that inspire me daily! I'm over the Beehives (12 and 13 year olds) and I love getting the new girls that just come up from Primary. They are so sweet and innocent! I love being a part of their lives and I'm so thankful for this calling!

A HUGE part of my life has always been volleyball. I've been addicted to it ever since I touched a ball when I was really young. I played for 10 years and have now been coaching for 9 years. As of today, I've officially coached 12 different teams in my 9 years of coaching. That includes club and High School. I've had a lot of success including a State Title for Higley in 2004 and a Club Championship in 2002. Pictures is my current club team and my High School team that I coached this past year.

Another thing I do is work! I work for the company that David works for. It's a family ran business. When Kylee was born, our brother-in-law hired me on as the secretary doing all the paperwork and computer work. It was great because I was able to bring Kylee with me. Once Kylee turned 2, it was getting too hard to keep her contained while I tried to work. So we set up a way for me to log into the work computer from home. I now strictly sell tires and wheels on Ebay. I actually love it! I enjoy the thrill of the sale and keeping my 400 plus feedback score 100% positive! I'm all about being competitive and it doesn't get more competitive than this!
So.....that's my life! I keep busy during the day with Kylee, errands, cleaning, Ebay, cooking and other stuff; and at night, I'm pretty much booked everyday of the week with volleyball or mutual. Sunday's are truly my DAY OF REST! I love spending those days with David and Kylee. I love my life in every way and the most exciting part of my future that I look forward to is having more kids and building my family! I realize it's going to slow me down in some ways (volleyball being the main slow down) but I'm ready and willing to do anything for my family!